After many years, host Adamari López returns to her roots as an actress with the premiere of “La luck de Ada”, a special production that will air on “hoy Día”, the new morning show on Telemundo.

“The Luck of Ada” is a unique experience that allows Adamari to enter the world of the hit series “The Luck of Loli”, with a character created exclusively for her. Recorded in the same studios as the series with the stellar cast, viewers will be able to relive the Puerto Rican’s great scenic talent when they see her surprise enter the famous Global Radio Group company in search of work.

Each episode will feature all of his character’s adventures and what he has to do to earn the coveted # 1 radio spot on the West Coast of the United States.

Adamari will be the star of this miniseries, accompanied by the great stellar cast of “The Luck of Loli”, including Gaby Espino, Christian Chávez, Gisella Aboumrad, Amaranta Ruiz, Mika Kubo, Salvador Muñoz, Xavier Rivero, Alejandro López, Ricardo Álamo and Jesus Moré, among others.

“Ada’s luck” will premiere on “Hoy Día” this Thursday, February 25.


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