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  • This October 29 and 30, the event will take place that will address current issues in the world of business and technology.

Verizon Media is hosting the Immersion 2021 event that will be comprised of a selection of inspiring and informative talks by industry leaders in business and technology, through a fun interactive and immersive Escape Room game, under the theme of Halloween, ” Project Midnight “.

Armando Rodriguez, VP of Verizon Media, explained that “Project Midnight” is a virtual escape room within the virtual event Immersion 2021, created by RYOT, in association with Swamp Motel, whose experience will allow groups of up to four players to make their way to through the virtual escape room using different interactive technologies and multiple screens.

The advancement of the teams will occur as they solve the puzzle together, improving the immersive experience for the players, making it fun by using creative technologies.

The talks that make up the Immersion 2021 agenda are:

  • Real World Virtualization – How Augmented Reality Meets the Real World and How It Affects 5G, with Former CEO, Niantic Advisor, and Pokemon Go Creator Matt Miesnieks and TechCrunch Editor Greg Kumparek.
  • The Future of Technology Seen by Tomorrow’s Leaders – Mark Melling, Director of RYOT & 5G Lead EMEA at Verizon Media, talks to three Gen Z students from The Knowledge Society (TKS), an accelerator program that exposes ambitious students to the technologies that will shape the future, about the positive impact of technology, how they consume content and what they are doing now to lead the future.
  • The New Creative Spark- Charlie Fink, consultant, author and columnist for XR, details how businesses and individuals can keep up with creativity and collaboration during the home office, through a conversation with three leaders in the industries of XR, AR and media.
  • The effectiveness of immersive storytelling with virtual reality – Verizon Media’s Anita Caras and cognitive scientist Dr. Ali Goode, will discuss the effectiveness of virtual reality based on their joint work on Fabric of Reality, the first virtual fashion show.

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