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Rokara is a mercenary of the horde, and is part of the Book of Mercenaries as the first chapter in a series of ten FREE Hearthstone stories.

Blizzard Entertainment introduced Rokara, an exceptional ally that Hearthstone fans can learn more about in the new FREE single-player adventure, the Book of Mercenaries.

Born in the snowy lands of Alterac Valley, the young orca belongs to the Frostwolf clan, and has traveled to Orgrimmar in search of her destiny. As a new recruit to the Horde, Rokara faces the challenges of The Barrens head-on, but when the mysterious troll Kazakus entrusts him with a deadly mission to find a magical artifact, it is clear that this will be his ultimate test.

Book of Mercenaries: Rokara is the first chapter in a series of ten FREE stories that will be released throughout the year of the griffin. Upon completing Rokara’s story, players will be rewarded with 1 Warrior Pack containing only Warrior cards from the Standard format.



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