Address by the President of the Republic Egils Levits on the Consecration and Presentation of the Flag of the Battle Support and Provision Training Center – Events

photo from the moment of the address (author: Ilmārs Znotiņš, Office of the President

Address by the President of Latvia Egils Levits at the Inauguration and Presentation Ceremony of the Battle Support and Support Training Center Flag This is an important day not only for the Battle Support and Support Training Center, but for all the National Armed Forces (NAF). The Battle Support and Support Training Center will receive its unit flag.

The unit is only completed when it has its own flag. Flags have always played an important role for Latvian soldiers. In a moment, you will also receive your own unit flag.

Soldiers of the Battle Support and Support Training Center!

Your center implements adult education programs and provides individual training for National Armed Forces personnel and foreign soldiers. What does this really mean? This means that you are engaged in the most complex and ever the most dangerous combat specialties.

All of these specialties are indispensable to strengthen the combat capabilities of our units. Some specialties – especially the detonation of unexploded ordnance – are a daily necessity in our war-torn Latvia, as well as a dangerous task in international missions, protecting our and our allies’ soldiers.

That’s why you also have a unique flag with two founding dates – in 2002, the Unexploded Ordnance Disposal School was established, which was the basis for the Battle Support and Support Training Center established in 2017.

Your emblems appear on the flag: crescents – the moon is the guardian of soldiers and orphans in the symbolism of ancient Latvia; a torch that symbolizes the light of knowledge; oak leaf crown, which symbolizes continuity, the passage of time; The corners depict the Latvian sign – walnuts, which symbolize wisdom, mind and energy.

To the left of the flag is the historic silver cockpit of the Unexploded Ordnance Disposal School and the motto of the Combat Support and Support Training Center. Moon signs are visible in the corners again. This side of the flag is designed to pay tribute to the soldiers of the Unexploded Ordnance Disposal Service of the National Armed Forces, as well as to honor the memory of the unexploded ordnance disposal profession.

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The flag was embroidered by the same seamstress who sewed all the flags of the NAF – the outstanding textile artist Ausma Apša. Thank you, Mrs Apša, for your careful work and the beautiful flag.

A flag is one that gathers a unit around itself. The flag is the pride of every army unit. May this flag help you to come to truly outstanding achievements with knowledge and skills! May it prove your fighting spirit and the patriotism of Latvian soldiers!

God bless Latvia!

Office of the President