Ade Armando Appears, The Story of the Beating in the April 11 Demo


University of Indonesia (UI) lecturer Ade Armando has recovered from the beating incident during the April 11 demonstration. Appearing to be in a normal state, Ade is now telling his bitter experience.

Ade started his story when he was bombarded with punches and kicks by the gangster. Ade admitted that his head was the main target.

“When the beating happened, the main target was my head,” Ade said on YouTube Cokro TV, Sunday (15/4/2022). Contacted detik.comAde Armando has allowed his statement to be quoted.

His hands then covered his face. However, the top and back of the head are like an open bag for the perpetrators. The same applies to other body parts that he cannot protect, such as the stomach and back.

“I still cover the front head with my hands, but the top and back of the head are the main targets for kicks,” he said.

He was grateful that his team and a number of people at the scene were trying to protect him. Although the barrage of punches and kicks against Ade remained unstoppable.

“From the start I remembered that my team really put their bodies together to save me. But they were thrown away because the gangsters were so brutal,” he continued.

Not long after, he said the police came to help him. The officers then broke up a group of gangsters and took Ade away from the crowd. He thanked his colleagues, students, journalists and police who helped save him during the unfortunate incident.

“But it should be noted that what the police did was extraordinary. They (the police) were not aware of what happened when the police pushed the students to go home. They did not see it, but because friends shouted, there was also another journalist friend who asked the police to intervene immediately, they really broke it down, to save me,” he said.

“As the doctor said, this 5-10 minute late can be more fatal,” he added.

After that, Ade was taken to the hospital for immediate help. Ade said, the doctor who treated him said he was lucky because he did not suffer severe damage to the brain. However, Ade was asked to continue his recovery because there was still a pool of blood in the brain.

“The doctor said that your brain is strong, it has been kicked as it should (the damage) could be worse than this. Maybe it’s not like it used to be, so there is a name for this problem, a pool of blood. There is blood in my brain,” he said.

In the middle of the story, Ade slipped a unique fact that he was grateful for. The thing is, he was said by the doctor to be safe because he was fat.

“The doctor said I could survive like that because I was fat, it turns out that there are advantages to being fat,” said Ade.

“So apparently what was kicked by the gangsters was the flesh, not the bones,” he added.

Previously, Ade was the victim of a beating during the protest against the postponement of the election and ‘3 periods’ in front of the DPR/MPR building on April 11, 2022. Not only that, Ade’s clothes were also stripped when he was helpless. The beating of Ade became an event that was widely discussed after the action was held.

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