Adele earns as much in one day as a Federal Councilor in a year

Las Vegas has proven to be a gold mine for pop singers over the years: in addition to Adele, many others have also concluded lucrative contracts with the city of sinners – here is an overview.

At 33, Adele is one of the absolutely richest singers in the business – she currently has an estimated fortune of around 160 million francs.

With the concert series in Las Vegas her bank account grows more than a little: she performs on twelve weekends, from January 21st to April 16th – always on two evenings.

She should receive around 630,000 francs per evening, i.e. over a million per weekend. 24 gigs correspond to a whopping 15 million Swiss francs. Their performances take place in the «Caesar’s Palace Hotel». For comparison: A federal councilor earns around 454,000 francs a year.

Las Vegas, the city of gilded dreams

But that’s not the whole cake for Adele: Tickets for her Vegas show cost between 700 and over 11,100 francs. The concert hall accommodates 4,300 fans. The pre-sale of the tickets alone is said to have brought her over 45 million francs.

The Brit is by no means alone with such a hefty fee, in the picture gallery above you can find her colleagues who raked in the cash in Vegas.