Adli’s poignant message to say goodbye to the Girondins

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The adventure on the side of the Girondins de Bordeaux is officially over for Yacine Adli. The 21-year-old midfielder will now go to AC Milan, who bought him last summer before loaning him to Bordeaux for the season. While the club with the scapular has been relegated sportingly to Ligue 2 and is currently in N1 after the administrative relegation of the DNCG, Adli delivered a poignant message for the club with the scapular and its supporters. He also took the opportunity to talk about his depression, which he had because of certain people at the club. Check out Adli’s strong words below.

Adli’s poignant message

Adli’s poignant message for Bordeaux and its supporters

Yacine Adli officially leaves the Girondins de Bordeaux, he who will go to AC Milan, and he delivered a poignant message for the club and the supporters. The now ex-Bordeaux player also spoke of the depression he suffered.