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Adobe Dimension CC can now render images in the cloud – TechCrunch

Adobe today announced the latest version of Dimension, the company's 2D and 3D compositing tool, and one of the newest members of its Creative Cloud suite. The two highlights of the new version are cloud rendering, which is currently in beta, and the ability to import fabric materials from the Substance Designer from Allegorithmic.

Cloud rendering in Dimension is the feature that has the broadest impact on the way Adobe thinks about the cloud and the long-term business. Users can use this new feature to take over the rendering process from their own machine and send it to the cloud. Finally, creating 3D content requires a lot of computing power, especially when you get to the point where you want to create a high-resolution end product. While most modern laptops and desktops have enough power to render these images, they require a lot of resources and the computer can stay awhile (and your fans will spin).

But Adobe has to pay for the cloud resources, and that's not cheap. To use this feature, all Creative Cloud users receive 15 free render credits. Each rendering costs between one and three credits, depending on the quality of the image. However, only the majority are available for these 15 credits. There is no way to buy more credits during beta. While Adobe says it would like to continue providing free renderings to users after the beta period expires, the company does not say how many credits subscribers will receive, nor does it share its pricing structure for the purchase of funds.

During beta, image sizes are limited to 2000 × 2000, and Adobe will also capture the image for free.

It's easy to see how Adobe can apply this technology to other compute-intensive processes, such as video rendering.

Adding Allegorithmic support is no surprise. Finally, Adobe acquired the company, which in January created tools for creating textures and materials for game developers, visual effects artists, and designers. Dimension now supports Substance native file format. Because these materials are based on parameters, they can easily be adapted to the scene.

Other new features include enhancements to high-resolution graphics on 3D models (a logo that you want to place on a 3D bottle). They used to look a bit pixilated, but now they stay in higher resolution. In addition, Dimension now also supports CC libraries, the Adobe asset sharing service within its Creative Cloud tools. This ensures that the updated image, for example, when editing an image in Photoshop, is now instantly available in Dimension.


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