Adoption of the “Economic 2” chip for domestic pilgrims with residences outside Mina… and canceling the electronic lottery – Saudi News

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah is preparing on the first of next Safar to open registration for the seats designated for pilgrims entering this year’s Hajj season 1444 for the first time, unlike the usual during the past years.

Okaz learned that the ministry held a meeting with the Coordinating Council for Domestic Pilgrims Facilities and representatives of the Business Solutions platform yesterday (Thursday) to discuss the mechanism for registering domestic pilgrims as part of the ministry’s early preparations for the upcoming Hajj season, where a new, fourth segment will be approved under the name “Economic 2” that includes housing in buildings outside Mina, and canceling the electronic lottery for selecting pilgrims, so that the pilgrim can register at the facility directly, and allowing 25% of the seats for pilgrims over 65 years of age.

The mechanism included that the payment of the prescribed fees before the date of 144/5/30 will be in two installments, so that the payment is within 72 hours of registration, and the second payment is available until the date of 144/5/30, and after this date the payment of fees will be in one payment within 72 hours from the date of registration. Registration, provided that the transfer of funds to companies will be from the first of Rajab for the current year according to the percentages to be decided by the Ministry.