Adriana Lastra feels threatened after the comment of a PP deputy



Echniz assured from his seat “you will find out” after a reference to the incipient manifestations of the PSOE spokesperson

Lastra confronts Echniz (PP) in Congress: “Are you threatening me?”

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Only a few deputies in the Chamber of Congress – the vast majority are at home and vote electronically – and they are enough to face each other. In today’s session, during the debate on the fifth extension of the state of alarm, the socialist spokeswoman, Adriana Lastra, has felt threatened by the words that a PP deputy, Jos Luis Echniz, has dedicated to her since her absence.

Lastra intervenes at that time with references to the President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Daz Ayuso, and to the PP leader, Pablo Casado. “Will you and Mrs. Ayuso be responsible for the consequences if there is a regrowth in the Community of Madrid? Because what you say here, Mr. Casado, is what is repeated in the Salamanca neighborhood, in Nez de Balboa,” he assured. in reference to the demonstrations against the Government, which challenge the confinement. “I speak to you from the most basic prudence and call you to the responsibility that is supposed to a party that aspires to govern,” he added.

It was just after these words that he stopped his speech to ask from the rostrum: Are you threatening me? Echniz, have you threatened me ?, he pointed out in allusion to this popular parliamentarian. According to PSOE sources what has caused this reaction from his spokesman is that Echniz has told him “you are going to find out.”

From the PP point out that Echniz was not threatening Lastra, but predicting a huge increase in protests against the Government as soon as the health of others is not at risk and they can be celebrated. That is what they mean, they say, with “you are going to find out.”

Echniz has not responded to the questions about the dialectical clash, but he has tweeted an explanation: “Yes, Adriana Lastra, you will find out. About the support of the people of Madrid for the management of Isabel Daz Ayuso in this crisis.” In this way, he wanted to contextualize his comment to show that it was not a threat. “Pretending to blame the PP for a possible outbreak is shameful. And trying to divert the focus on me shows the weakness of this government,” he added, in another tweet.

ERC spokesman Gabriel Rufin has intervened from the rostrum to defend Lastra, and assured that Echniz’s comment comes from frustration: “You hate equality. Your problem is that the disease equals your servants and maids , and that is fatal and insult him even more, “he said.

The PP makes a defense of those demonstrations that are taking place in some streets, especially in Madrid. Although it qualifies that they must comply with social distancing measures. The own Casado has maintained today that, for the PSOE, “the fault is of the PP” or “of the rich” that are pronounced. “Everything is a conspiracy that makes this right-wing and burgus virus prime with Spain to test the best president in world history,” he satirized.

In this same sense, the PP spokeswoman in Congress, Cayetana lvarez de Toledo, has assured that those who “protest” are “of all conditions” and not only in the Salamanca district of Madrid, but also go “from Usera to Arganda , from Badajoz to Jan “. And the Government “harasses them, persecutes them, they call them posh, faces … even Cayenne, what an excess!”, He has ironized.

Protests against the Government have today been a subject that has been constantly alluded to in the debate. Lastra has censured that the PP is “cheering, inciting and encouraging” these concentrations, located above all in Madrid, which do nothing but “despise” the collective effort of 47 million Spaniards of the last two months and that “they endanger” everyone’s health. In fact, he replied to Casado that “his opposition cannot consist in risking the health of all.” “Freedom is not infecting,” he added. “Freedom is not intimidating,” he said of the confrontation with Echniz.

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