The renowned Colombian singer Adriana Lucia has been a trend these days on Twitter, both for his leadership in the marches that have taken place since November 21 within the framework of the national strike, and for a contract he signed in 2016 during the Santos government with Fontur Colombia for 225 million pesos and that some opponents of his social leadership have made viral.

The artist, who has not denied at any time having signed that contract, defended herself against her detractors, who in some trills wonder if her “Outrage is due to lack of contracts with the Government.”

The interpreter of “I want you to stay” assured that she is not going to be silenced by bringing up something done correctly as something indecent.

“And just as voluntarily, I accompanied former President Juan Manuel Santos because I believe and continue to believe that the path is peace; I also made a public call to him for the defense of the lives of the social leaders assassinated during his government ”, he indicated.

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The Cordovan said that now the president is Iván Duque and not Santos. He also questioned continuing to look back.

“How long will looking back serve you? You so hardworking that you are, work. That is what they should be doing, looking for solutions, “he added.

Finally, the singer refused to be criticized for “Work honestly”, While “Immediately afterwards, they promote a law to reward those who have stolen this country”. He also stressed that he has nothing to be ashamed of.

“Why do they demand more from an artist than from a politician? I will continue demanding the president, “he concluded.

Adriana Lucía is one of the organizers of the concert A song for Colombia which will take place on December 8 in Bogotá, initially it was going to be held in Simón Bolívar Park, a scenario that had been loaned by the Mayor’s Office. The event, where more than 18 artists have already confirmed, will be held on various platforms on Carrera Séptima and other points in the north of Bogotá; it will be a mobile concert.

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