Adrien Rabiot will derail his transfer to Manchester United –

Negotiations between Manchester United and Adrien Rabiot are said to be at a standstill. The French would be far too greedy for the Reds Devils.

Far from being irresistible on the side of Juventus Turin, Adrien Rabiot was and is kindly pushed out by his leaders who would like to get rid of him. The agreement quickly concluded with the Reds Devils. However, this does not mean that the French will join the Premier League. After several weeks of negotiations, the two camps still seem particularly distant.

Indeed, according to the information revealed by Fabrizio Romano, the negotiations are at a standstill between Manchester United and the entourage of the former Parisian. The Reds Devils would judge Adrien Rabiot as particularly greedy with crazy demands for the status that is or will be his. The 27-year-old Frenchman would claim, according to the Gazzetta dello Sport, a signing bonus of 10 million euros and an annual salary of 9 million euros, excluding bonuses. Amounts much larger than the wishes of the Mancunians, ready to offer him emoluments of 6.5 million euros. A chasm still separates the two camps which would favor another track, the one leading to Casemiro.