Ads are coming to streaming platforms

Two major streaming providers, Netflix and Disney +, also plan to launch subscription packages in the near future that will allow access to the provider’s movie library, but there will be commercials in front of the content.

The New York Times wrote a few days ago that Netflix had already told its employees that it would introduce a cheaper subscription package in 2022 that would allow the service to be used with ads. Although company executives have been plotting for years that there will never be ads on the platform, the company’s economic situation may have forced them to rethink this: Netflix lost subscribers for the first time in ten years in the first quarter of this year.

Disney +, which will be launched in Hungary in a month, has also announced that it will have an ad-packed subscription package. According to CEO Bob Chapek, the design will be introduced in America later this year and internationally in 2023.

(New York Times, Fatherly via