Ads plug into the human and emotional | Additional features

Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality …, technology, in a word, have already become “the key tool that connects brands with users,” says Juan Luis Moreno, director of innovation at The Valley, a digital business school. In his opinion, “digitization and AdTech are revolutionizing the way of advertising, opening the way to a new approach in which there are no longer barriers between the physical and the digital.”

For Moreno, there are five trends that are impacting the digital evolution of the sector: automation, immediacy, experience, distribution and privacy. Translated into reality, they suppose, for example, stores that reinvent themselves towards digitization in situ, interactive touch tables at home to interact with advertisers, virtual assistants with integrated chatbot or in-person contact with a digital influencer.

For all these instruments to be successful, a good use of data is essential, “analyzing the interests and needs of customers well” and offering them valuable content. “Before trying to sell, you must build customer loyalty, and this is done through connection and emotion,” summarizes Moreno.

5G is another element in technological development. “The possibilities are enormous, especially when it comes to interactive and real-time ads,” he says. An example would be the use of augmented reality in electronic commerce or experiences such as concerts or meetings through platforms of gaming and other new digital formats.

These innovations can be seen in The Place, a space at The Valley headquarters to make the journey of brands, “from its creation to its impact on users through the different media that are marking the digitization of the advertising”.

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