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Advance booking fees: Ticket dealer CTS Eventim suffers setback

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Many of us had been looking forward to great concerts and events this year and last. Unfortunately, the joy didn’t last long. Corona intervened and almost every event could not take place. It was very frustrating for everyone and you were happy when you got your money back at least. All the more annoying when a part is simply missing.

“All or nothing!”

Several CTS Eventim customers have taken to the barricades. Because the ticket dealer withheld the advance booking fee. The North Rhine-Westphalia consumer center therefore took it to court and sued the company. Lawyer Thomas Kinschewski explains why a few euros were always missing from the reimbursement:

Eventim says, ‘This is the advance booking fee. That is excluded in our general terms and conditions. And it actually says that the fee included in the ticket price cannot be reimbursed. But the customers say: ‘Are you crazy? All or nothing! The concert didn’t take place, so I want my money back down to the last cent! ‘And the case landed at the regional court in Munich.

It depends on the contract

The consumer advocates were successful: The Munich Regional Court partially agreed with them. The corresponding sentence in the general terms and conditions is illegal. However, the ruling is not yet final, which means that not all customers are now eligible for a refund of the advance booking fees. In addition, the reimbursement also depends on the type of contract. CTS Eventim sells tickets in three different ways and channels: There are own events where Eventim itself acts as the organizer. The brokerage of other event tickets then takes place either through a commercial agency or through an organizer by means of a commission.

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In this case, a customer bought the tickets in a commission shop and Eventim says that it doesn’t matter how the tickets were sold – the fees stay with them.

Thats not right. The court is of the opinion that if CTS Eventim can collect a commission for a successful event, they should also bear the risks of an event alone and not pass them on to the customers.

There will certainly still be decisions that deal with the other two variants of the treaties.

Our expert

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