Advancement award goes to the JC66 Bottrop: Judoka in the state finals of the stars of sport with the United Volksbank

Well-deserved reward for exemplary sporting initiatives. Six sports clubs from North Rhine-Westphalia made it to the finals at state level in this year’s competition between the Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken for the “Stars of Sports”. Among them was JC 66 Bottrop, who had submitted his application to the Verein-ten Volksbank and was rewarded with a sponsorship award for his “ELE Team Challenge online 2021” project.

This year – after a year of Corona break – the award ceremony took place again in attendance and in a festive setting in Düsseldorf. The state secretary responsible for sport, Andrea Milz, as well as LSB president Stefan Klett congratulated and handed over the award to Sven Helbig, trainer and project manager of JC 66 Bottrop, together with bank director Dirk Cormann, representing the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken.

“We are very happy for the judo club, which won the sport’s silver star in 2019 for its school project,” says Ingo Hinzmann, member of the board of the Vereinte Volksbank. “As a regionally anchored Volksbank, the people in our business area are particularly important to us. Sports clubs like JC 66 are important role models on site and make a significant contribution to social cohesion. “

Source: Vereinte Volksbank from left to right: Mieke Kröger, Olympic champion racing bike team pursuit, Andrea Milz, State Secretary for Sports and Volunteering in North Rhine-Westphalia, Sven Helbing, trainer and project manager JC66 Bottrop, Stefan Klett, President of LSB NRW, Christina Wienforth, Vereinte Volksbank eG, Dirk Cormann, board member of the Heinsberger Volksbank and representative of the Volksbanken NRW

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