Adventure Islands: The Big RogueBricks Community Project!

Bricking Bavaria 2021 Adventure Islands Titelbild

For Bricking Bavaria 2021, 11 MOC builders have teamed up and created a tropical adventure landscape together. Today we present you the RogueCollab in detail with lots of pictures and background information before!

We recently reported on Bricking Bavaria 2021 in Friedrichshafen and showed you pictures from the LEGO fan exhibition. Today we can show you one of the models in more detail because I helped build it: The Adventure Islands!

The idea

The Adventure Islands community facility was organized by RogueBricks, a German-language LEGO online forum with a focus on building MOCs. Not only are building competitions like the Rogue Olympics organized there, but also so-called collabs for exhibitions. For this, each participant builds a model in the size of the choice – depending on the parts inventory and time – and the modules are then put together on site and a large MOC is created.

For Bricking Bavaria we agreed on an adventure landscape inspired by Jonny Thunder in tropical Central America. Actually, we had already considered a different topic for 2020, but unfortunately we had to postpone that due to the unclear corona situation, as we couldn’t risk that a module would be missing in the end and thus a gap would arise. In contrast to the original idea, the water landscape has the advantage that each module is flush with water on each side, which means that spontaneous rescheduling would have been possible. Fortunately, that wasn’t necessary.

Modul Standard

Each model for the communal system follows a standard that had already proven itself in our PortRogue Collab 2018. The basis is a 32 × 32 base plate or several of them. The plate is built up 1 stone high with basics in any color, whereby 1 × 2 stones with Technic cross holes are used in previously determined places. This means that the modules can later be connected with short cross axes.

LEGO Rogue Collab Wassertechnik 4

A layer of panels follows this substructure. Black is the basic color that later represents the deep water, towards the banks you can then flatten the water depth with dark gray, light gray and dark tan.

LEGO Rogue Collab Wassertechnik 5

The last step is to lay 1 × 2 tiles in Trans-Light Blue. That goes really well into the material, since you need more than 500 tiles for a 32 × 32 base plate.

LEGO Rogue Collab Wassertechnik 6

How exactly the islands look like and what happens on them was left to the builders for this collab. We made a little bit of care that not everyone was building the same thing, but with all the creative ideas that wasn’t a problem. Otherwise, there were two further requirements so that all models also fit each other stylistically in the end:

  • Rocks in dark gray
  • Special palm tree construction technique

Die Adventure Islands

The final joint project looks like this and, with a size of 15 × 8 base plates, is difficult to capture in a single photo:

Bricking Bavaria 2021 Adventure Islands 2

Contributors to the Adventure Islands:

  • Andrea: Island in the middle with a suspension bridge and a sandy beach
  • points: Dark gray-beige seaplane
  • Jonas: Rock island with a Spanish mission, inspired by Tomb Raider
  • Kevin J. Walter: Brown flying biplane
  • Marcel V .: Island in the front corner
  • MGibarian: Duck Island, inspired by Monkey Island, and Native Shrine
  • modestolus: Large island with two mountains and natives, as well as smaller islands
  • noggy: Island with golden 2 × 2 stone
  • role: Big island with Mayan temple and native hut
  • Vaionaut: Turquoise adventurer base, small flying boat and dark red-gray plane
  • YgrekLego: Gray-red flying plane

The links behind the names lead you to the respective Flickr accounts of the builders, where you can see what else they are building.

Since the project was built especially for Bricking Bavaria 2021, it was there for the first time and will not be exhibited anywhere else. Here you can get an overview of the community model before we get closer:

Bricking Bavaria 2021 Adventure Islands 18

Bricking Bavaria 2021 Adventure Islands 26

Adventurous islands

Since the loving details and interesting construction techniques of the many islands quickly get lost in the overall picture, we now take another flight over the landscape and show you the large islands in more detail:

Island with Mayan temple

The largest island in the project is the home of the Maya, who have built a large pyramid between the palm trees. Markus also created an eye-catcher with the hut roof.

Bricking Bavaria 2021 Adventure Islands 8

Duck Island & Shrine

Inspired by Monkey Island, Martin built this rock in the shape of a duck. Or is it a rabbit after all? Hard to say.

Bricking Bavaria 2021 Adventure Islands 16

Island with golden 2 × 2 stone

Sometimes it is the small islands with the most valuable treasures.

Bricking Bavaria 2021 Collab Bilder (8)

The shrine for the golden stone was built by Nadine and the island with the suspension bridge by Andrea.

Rock island with a Spanish mission

My island is inspired by Tomb Raider and the adventures of Lara Croft. The module and its creation will soon be the subject of a special article.

Bricking Bavaria 2021 Collab Bilder (7)

Turquoise adventurer base

Johannes has built a camp for the adventurers on this rock, from where they can start their expeditions.

Bricking Bavaria 2021 Bilder 54

Big island with natives

A rocky island with jungle and a native tribe. Ben couldn’t help but add a few little surprises for the visitors.

Bricking Bavaria 2021 Adventure Islands 24


In addition to the islands, many of the rogues had a desire to build airplanes, making it the most popular form of transportation on the site.

Ford Trimotor

Our aircraft expert Johannes has recreated two real models, here is the Ford Trimotor:

Bricking Bavaria 2021 Collab Bilder (9)

Dornier dragonfly

For smaller missions, a gray Dornier dragonfly lies clearly in the water at the start.

Bricking Bavaria 2021 Adventure Islands 13

Gray-red flying plane

Gino’s gray and red plane is just taking off.

Bricking Bavaria 2021 Bilder 51

Dark gray-beige seaplane

Daniel contributed the beige seaplane to the system.

Bricking Bavaria 2021 Bilder 68

Brown flying biplane

Kevin built this historic machine and captured the aesthetics of Jonny Thunder with new parts.

Bricking Bavaria 2021 Bilder 59


The construction of the Adventure Islands started on the Bricking Bavaria in Friedrichshafen on Thursday, so we had a whole day to put our joint project together. The palm trees in particular are difficult to transport, so many modules still had to be repaired. In addition, some 32 mm baseplates had to be covered with tiles, so there was no boredom.

Collab Timelaps02 Min
GIF of the construction. Unfortunately, the recording stopped before it was finished.

With the large islands in particular, one might wonder how they are transported. During construction, you get an insight into which sub-modules the large rocks can be broken down into and how this has to be taken into account during construction.

Bricking Bavaria 2021 Adventure Islands 19


I had a lot of fun with the Adventure Islands. I not only enjoyed creating my own module at home, but also exploring the models of the other participants on site and seeing how everything together results in a common system.

Not only thanks to its size, the model was able to attract a lot of visitors’ eyes, so that we could look forward to a lot of positive feedback and even two awards. Above all, we have to praise the good organization of the project by Ben and Markus, who initiated and coordinated the whole thing.

Bricking Bavaria 2021 Collab Preis

I hope I was able to give you a good overview of the collab and that you enjoyed the many pictures of the Adventure Islands! After I have already roughly explained the module standard, I will soon have further insights into the creation of my own module and how I proceeded with it.

How do you like the Adventure Islands community facility? Do you think it’s good when MOC builders get together to implement a large project or are you more fans of smaller models? Feel free to write us your feedback on the RogueBricks Collab and your experiences with LEGO community facilities in the comments!