AEA will appeal to the Supreme Court the health order that shortens the deadlines to pass the ITV

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Updated:05/21/2020 17:37


The organization for the defense of Associated European Motorist Drivers (AEA) has announced that it will appeal to the Contentious-Administrative Chamber of the Supreme Court Order SND / 413/2020, of May 15, which establishes special measures for the technical inspection of vehicles if the regulations recently approved by the Minister of Health on the occasion of Covid-19 are not modified and it is recognized as the date of validity of the ITV the date in which the result of the inspection is favorable and not -as indicated by the ministerial order- the validity date stated in the ITV.

For the AEA president, Mario Arnaldo“This recent change made by the Government supposes a reduction in the terms in which the vehicles have to pass the ITV without there being any reason for road safety.” “Thus, for example,” explains Arnaldo, “a vehicle that on the occasion of the Covid-19 could not have passed the ITV at the end of March and passed it favorably in September, with the new standard the following inspection would not have to pass it to the two, a year or the following six months, as regulated by European regulations depending on the type of vehicle and age, but a year and a half, after six months or even the following month».

Until now, the regulations that regulated the technical inspection of vehicles in Spain, this is Royal Decree 920/2017, of October 23, established that the period of validity of periodic technical inspections would be obtained by adding the date on which the As a result of the inspection, the frequency corresponding to the age and type of vehicle would have been favorable and only in the case of passing the inspection in the previous thirty days, its expiration, would this period be taken into account.

That is to say, the date that was taken into account to set the term of the new inspection was the date on which the inspection was actually carried out and not the one that theoretically had to have passed.

AEA considers that the technical inspection of vehicles is an essential public service that is very necessary for the protection of the environment and the reduction of accidents and traffic victims. However, the changes made by Health do nothing to improve the environment or road safety, for which we hope to convince the Government to rectify and keep the deadlines for passing the ITV unchanged, “concludes Arnaldo.



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