AfD does not benefit from Corona protests

Dhe best-known heads of the AfD are swarming across the country this Saturday. Party leader Tino Chrupalla comes to Dresden, his deputy Beatrix von Storch to Neumünster, the Thuringian state chairman Björn Höcke to Magdeburg. The AfD has registered nine rallies in nine cities, and the federal association dug deep into the party coffers for the “Day of Action” against a possible compulsory corona vaccination. Each event is subsidized with up to 15,000 euros, plus expenses for flyers and posters. According to the press office, this makes a total of more than 300,000 euros.

Because of the Russian attack on Ukraine, the AfD will probably not get the attention it had imagined for its day of protest. But she has a new answer to the question of whether this is necessary: ​​major events in pandemic times. Beatrix von Storch says of the hundreds of thousands who “correctly” demonstrated against the war in Berlin: “Nobody thinks – rightly so – of wanting to ban the peace demonstration. But a day later, just as legitimate, peaceful protests against corona measures by a few hundred are said to be dangerous. That’s absurd.”

However, it remains unclear why the AfD is making the effort at all. So far, she has not been able to benefit from her fundamental opposition to the federal government’s corona policy. Regardless of the incidence value, the party has been somewhere between nine and eleven percent since the pandemic began.

It’s all about “freedom”

There is little to suggest that this will change soon. The party is going into the protest at the weekend with well-known positions: no compulsory vaccination and the immediate end of all corona restrictions. There is a lot about “freedom” on the flyers that demonstrators can buy in the fan shop and in the current speeches by AfD politicians. It sounds a bit like FDP. And in fact, one sometimes hears the assessment in the party that a few percentage points could be gained on the field that the Liberals have cleared since they had to make compromises in the traffic light coalition. The assessment that one is standing in one’s own way can also be heard in the AfD.

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