AfD lists for Bremen election finally rejected

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Created: 03/24/2023 3:27 p.m

Von: Daniel Dillmann


Fabian Jacobi (l), confidant at the so-called rump board of the AfD in Bremen, and Heinrich Löhmann (r), confidant of the so-called emergency board, take part in the meeting of the state election committee. © Sina Schuldt/dpa

It’s official: The AfD will not be on the ballot paper in the upcoming citizenship elections in the Bremen constituency.

Bremen – Now it’s final: The AfD will not be able to take part in the citizenship elections in the Bremen electoral area. A complaint from the party was rejected on Thursday by the Bremen State Electoral Committee. reason for that Two competing lists of candidates from the AfD were excludedwho had been classified as ineligible by the electoral committee.

The decision of the state electoral authority on the citizenship election in Bremen is final. This can no longer be contested. It was preceded by the decision of the election committee of the city of Bremen, which announced on Friday that neither of the two lists of the AfD would be allowed to vote in Bremen.

Election in Bremen: AfD lists are rejected

According to the election management, two competing election proposals from different executive committees had been received from the state association of the party, which is considered to be at odds. This was announced by Carola Janssen, chairwoman of the electoral committee, on Friday. According to the law, a party may submit only one list of candidates. It is not up to the election committee to check which board of directors is legitimate. This dispute must be resolved within the party. In Bremerhaven, on the other hand, the electoral committee there allowed the AfD list to vote on Friday.

In Bremen, on May 14, the citizenship will be re-elected. As the worst challenger to Mayor Andreas Bovenschulte (SPD) gilt CDU-Top candidate Frank Imhoff. Current surveys on the Bremen election see the SPD with 28 percent just ahead of the CDU (27). The Greens follow with 18 percent. The other parties follow far behind. The left sees forecasts at eight percent. The AfD, if it were to compete nationwide, would come to seven percent. Of all the federal parties, the FDP is in the worst position in the current polls. The Liberals would therefore only receive four percent of all votes. (dil/dpa)