Afghan Family Sells 9-Year-Old Child to Be Bridal Due to Crisis

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

In one corner of the village in Afghanistan, a nine-year-old boy, Parwana Malik, cheerfully plays with his friends. However, Parwana’s smile fades when he gets home and remembers his family sold him to marry him because of the crisis.

At his house, he saw a man who was waiting, ready to buy it. The man claimed to be 55 years old.

But to Parwana, the man was just an “old man” with white eyebrows and a long beard. When telling CNN, Parwana admitted that he was afraid that the man would beat him and force him to work hard at home.

Parwana hoped that his father, Abdul Malik, would change his mind because he really wanted to become a teacher. He did not want to stop his studies.

However, that day has finally come. On October 24, Parwana’s buyer, Qorban, came to his house and handed over 200 thousand Afghanis or equivalent to Rp. 31.5 million in cows, land and cash to Malik.

Qorban does not want to call this purchase a marriage because he already has a wife. He admitted that he would only take care of Parwana like his own child.

“[Parwana] cheap and his father was very poor and needed money. He will work at my house. I won’t beat him. I will take care of him like a family member. I will be good to him,” said Qorban.

But when he handed over Parwana, Malik sobbed and said, “This is your bride. Please take care of her. The child is in charge of her now. Please don’t beat her.”

Sacrifice agreed. He immediately took Parwana and took the child out of the house. Parwana struggled, but was helpless because Qorban pulled her into the waiting car.

Inside the house, Malik was crying. He said he had no other choice.

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