Afghanistan, the commander of the carabinieri in Kabul: “Consul Claudi saved our lives”

Captain Alberto Dal Basso was head of the second mobile brigade of the Carabinieri, the military contingent deployed in Kabul to defend the diplomatic staff of the embassy. He returned to Italy on board the last flight of the airlift with Afghanistan and told the reporters present about the emotions he had experienced in recent weeks. “We left a very chaotic and uncertain situation but we managed to recover even more of the goals we had set for ourselves,” said Dal Basso. “The attack? It was shocking, but we had been warned and the consul Tommaso Claudi decided to suspend the recovery operations and this probably saved our lives.” recover Afghan civilians “. “Fear? Yes, we have had it. We have tried to manage it and being here all together is the proof that we have succeeded. We are trained, but the reality is always worse than training”, concluded the commander.


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