AFL 2020, Coronavirus News, COVID-19 Live Updates | Postponed round 1, ban on mass meetings, travel ban for Western Australia

The AFL is ready to make a call to play or postpone the first round today.

But given the coronavirus crisis that is sweeping the country and the advice of experts that change every day, it may not be up to the league.

Follow the latest COVID-19 and AFL news below.

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Round 1


The Western Bulldogs champion, Bob Murphy, has been “staggered” from the position of AFL players as the corona virus threatens the 2020 season.

Paul Marsh, managing director of the AFL Players’ Association, said the union is asking the AFL to reconsider its decision to shorten the season from 22 to 17 weeks.

Murphy realized that part of the motivation behind the push was to ensure that they didn’t lose 20 percent of their salary, and said this was a worrying sign.

“That shakes me. Staggered. It is completely inappropriate with the trend of the rest of the world,” Murphy told SEN Bob and Andy.

Western Bulldogs great Bob Murphy. Picture: Tony GoughSource: News Corp Australia

“As far as I know, AFLPA and the players were fed up with AFL announcing the 17-round season without consultation. That is my point.

“Nobody likes giving back money, but in relation to what’s going on in business and society and people who lose their jobs, 20 percent might be the best deal.”

Talk about 3AWs Sports dayAFL legend Leigh Matthews said it seemed the players weren’t “realizing how bad the financial situation was”.

“This is all about money”


“I would just say to the players:” You either take the 25 percent cut in wages or you don’t play and you don’t get paid, “said Matthews Sports day.

“I don’t know what the contractual situation is, that’s the problem, but I don’t know if the players will realize the entire football model. The men’s competition is the AFL’s cash cow.”

“AFL Cash Cash has faltered because it looks like sales could drop $ 200-300 million.

“I don’t think we can overestimate the problems we all face.”


Carlton CEO Cain Liddle has asked that players get a “fair start” from the public after widespread criticism that they want to play 22 games instead of 17 this season.

The AFL and all 18 clubs have to accept substantial wage cuts in the event of a revised season with 17 games. AFLPA CEO Paul Marsh said yesterday that players are ready to do anything to complete 22 games.

AFL players want to play


“I think the people who turn on players this morning because they want to play 22 games should probably remember that these players jumped up a month ago and quickly motivated the industry to play a game that the needy were looking for on supported What was going on with the bushfires? “Liddle said to SEN.

“I see someone like Paddy Cripps who made a significant donation to support our club, whose parents flew to Kangaroo Island at their own expense to help build fences, and his girlfriend, who slept in tents.

“There are a number of things these players do behind the scenes that a lot of people don’t know. I think we are giving players a fair start and a little bit of appreciation for what they have been doing lately.”


Collingwood President Eddie McGuire has announced that he has recently undergone a coronavirus test and has received a negative result.

McGuire announced Wednesday morning that he was tested as a precaution last week after being exposed to many people in his foot and media roles.

“You know what it’s like in our caper … people want to show up, they want selfies, they want to shake your hand and before we knew what the isolation tactics were like, you just continued your day-to-day business with these things,” he said said.

Keep talking Triple M’s hot breakfast On Wednesday morning, McGuire explained how his test went, but said he was “A-OK”.

“What they do is make a swab, they stick a long, elongated – like an earphone – thing in your throat,” McGuire told Triple M.

“It’s not too annoying. It’s right in your throat, it’s slightly uncomfortable, but they do it for a few seconds and get it out.

Eddie McGuire, President of the Collingwood Football Club. Picture: Stefan PostlesSource: AAP

“Then they make one that brings a tear to your eye. They get the swab and turn it on the head and hit it on the nose. It goes through like scratching the inside of your brain. It’s a little uncomfortable, but only for a few seconds.

“Then you have a stick that you made in my other nostril to test for other viruses.

“I have everything clear about the corona virus check mark, I haven’t – and I was clear about everything else.” I have a little bronchitis to be honest. But everything A-OK, nothing transferable. “

McGuire said he couldn’t help but be a little scared while waiting for his test results.

“If you sit and wait for it to happen … I think I’m pretty robust in this situation, but you’re waiting for it to get through. And if it does, it’s a huge relief when the doctor says, “Good news, you have nothing” – and you go to “Beauty” and there you go, “he said.

“Well, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to get it on the track like everyone else, but I’m ready to go at this point.”

Crows live stream training



Brownlow medalist Gerard Healy says the AFL industry needs to go into survival mode and claims that it will take years for the game to recover.

Wednesday is D-Day for the AFL as it is rapidly approaching a time when it is time to make a final decision as to whether the first round in the coronavirus crisis will take place.

The delay kept Carlton and Richmond in suspense before the planned start of the season on Thursday evening at the MCG.

Talk about 3AWs Sports dayHealy said the game would look very different now.

“The Premier League is marginally irrelevant at the moment, it is the survival of the bloody clubs, it is the survival of the game and I guarantee you one thing, the game will look damn different than it looks now, regardless of what happens” , he said.

6:50 am – Pendulums reveal how the virus test went down

Collingwood’s captain, Scott Pendlebury, was the first magpie to undergo the coronavirus test

Pendlebury was released from COVID-19 on Tuesday as the AFL hierarchy weighs up whether the season should start on Thursday evening as planned.

In a live Instagram story with his Jock and Journo Podcast presenter Jay Clark, Pendlebury, revealed how his test went.

“They only do a nasal swab, which is a good deal like an earphone, but a long one,” Pendlebury told Clark and his Instagram followers.

“It goes straight up and feels almost like it hits you right between the eyes so your eyes start to water … not painful, just uncomfortable.


Pendlebury in the clear



Jeff Kennett, president of Hawthorn, says the 20 percent wage cut offered to players is the “minimum number” that players should accept.

Through their union, players have asked AFL to cancel their 17-round home and away season plan and revert to a standard plan of 22 games per club.

It has raised greed allegations, but players may need to cut their salaries regardless of whether they’re playing a shortened season as the competition prepares for significant two-way sales.

But Kennett, who is part of the “Coronavirus Cabinet” along with Collingwood President Eddie McGuire, Sydney Chairman Andrew Pridham, and Bulldogs President Peter Gordon Age that “everyone” in the game had to make sacrifices for the competition and the league.

Jeff Kennett, president of the Hawthorn Football Club. Picture: Stefan PostlesSource: AAP

In fact, Kennett said if the games weren’t played in 2020, a 50 percent cut in player payments would be closer to the mark.

When asked about the need for a 20 percent wage cut for players, Kennett said Age: “Well, there is no question.

“If we play no or limited games, the players are part of the code and they like the staff, and the coaches and CEOs must all be part of this realignment for the future.”

“The question is whether 20 percent is enough. For example, if we play games, it can be. If we don’t play games, the rest of the world clubs have resigned players who make no money at all. If we don’t play games, I think 50 percent would be closer to the (brand). ”

From the club’s perspective, Kennett said the situation was “all about cash flow” and the Hawks could not be sustained financially if there were no revenue to offset their spending, which was approximately $ 4.5 million per month .

“We want to do this in recognition of our employees in the sense that we don’t want to fire anyone.” We are all involved … we have to cut our cloth to size. And we have to do it quickly, ”he said.

Wage cuts will be a long struggle



So far, all eyes have been on Docklands to see if Round 1 continues. Instead, we should look at Canberra.

All over the world, governments limit the number of people who can gather in one place. The United States finally collapses, declaring that no more than 10 people should attend a mass gathering.

The current limit in Australia is 500, but if that is lowered, the AFL may just have to stop – even if players want to play as they chose on Monday night.

It’s a big day for AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan. Picture: James RossSource: AAP

“We are two days after the ban on the mass assembly. The current threshold is 500 and there is debate as to whether this will be reduced to 100. If this happens, football will become impractical.” AFL 360 Gerard Whateley said on Tuesday.

Co-host Mark Robinson added if this decision were made: “AFL would announce tomorrow that Footy will be canceled and rescheduled.”



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