Afraid of baldness! Chinese woman refrain from shampooing, no combing her hair for 3 months, results are sad

The issue of “hair”, especially hair loss, has become a problem that bothers many people, like the female surname Go. from Shenzhen that refrain from shampooing and refraining from combing your hair for 3 months in order to bring your hair back to its original strength After hair loss is so heavy that I fear that the head will be bald before age. But the result was even more worrying.

by Ying Sae Ko She has had long hair for over 20 years, but at the beginning of last year her hair suddenly fell terribly and no matter what brand of anti-hair loss shampoo was used, it didn’t work. made her worry so much that she kept dreaming that You yourself have become bald!

Until she found a secret on the internet that There are people who refrain from washing their hair and refraining from combing their hair for a month and their hair looks stronger. They also have new hair. So she tried to follow along for 3 months, and it turned out that there was a slight increase in hair. but the important thing is Instead, her unwashed and combed hair became a troubling issue. Because her hair was tangled all over her head and could not be combed out.

The problem caused her to lack confidence and made life difficult. especially when going out She has to wear a hat to cover her hair at all times. make her sleepy He is anemic and his health is deteriorating.

So she decided to consult a barber shop. The first shop offers to untie all the knots of hair that are tangled. with the use of a special formula with many staff to help wash your hair Which costs up to 3,000 yuan, or about 15,000 baht, while another barbershop recommends that she cut her hair short. with hesitation and love for her hair So she posted the story online. for advice from netizens

Netizens commented For example, “What else do you need to think about? You’re going to cut your hair or you’re going to lose money.” “If you don’t wash your hair, you should comb your hair.” “Aren’t you afraid of getting lice?” “I don’t wash my hair for 3 days and I feel bad, isn’t this 3 months bad smelling?” and “This way, the head may be bald than before.”

No matter what the woman surnamed Ge decides, she hopes that she will return to better physical and mental health soon.

ที่มา: Ruthless! The woman is afraid of being bald and not washing her hair for 3 months, but the result… is outrageous! (SOHU)
The woman is afraid of baldness and does not wash her hair for 3 months, and her hair will become knotted. The whole network asks for help (