(Photo: Ryan Green / AMC) The wind and rain of a hurricane sweep over rural roads. Hikers eating a horse are ripped off as Al's truck sits nearby.
Fear the Walking Dead & # 39; s lead act.
Later, the sun is out and hikers are killed by Morgan, who takes supplies from them. He finds a radio and their people communicate about it before it dies. He puts his supplies in a tent, looks through what he has collected, and gives the radio another shot.
Al gets a call from Morgan. He begins to tell her where he is from and she mocks him and the memory of King Ezekiel with his tiger, but Morgan explains that he is going home and wants her to drive him.
Elsewhere, June prepares a fish sitting in the back of a school bus. Morgan approaches and asks for John. The group seems to have split up. Morgan and John discuss a trip to Virginia with Morgan declaring that he should not have left. John tells him that he should make this trip if he believes in it. However, John can not join the trip because of his health and recover from his bullet wound. John will go back to his cabin instead, but Morgan says his mind is invented and he'll go tomorrow.
Morgan hopes that John will change his mind and he is confident they can do it. However, John has everything he needs.

Slide 1 of 6ContinuedEllewhere, Morgan approaches a house powered by solar energy. A walker approaches and Strand misses it with a silenced pistol out the window. Morgan kills it when a drunken beach invites him.
Inside, Strand Morgan explains his wine before being asked where everyone is. Morgan searches for Luciana and Alicia and finds that the first one lies on a bed with music. He tells them they can go to Virginia with him, but no one cares. They do not want to go out just to meet "people like us".
Morgan goes outside to look for Alicia. Instead, he finds notes saying, "Help, I'm up," before Alicia comes and brings Wanderer together to kill her. Alicia tries to find the person who needs help. She does not want to travel with Morgan.

Slide 2 of 6ContinuedJune mocks John and says he can fish again soon. June wonders if they should actually return to John's cabin. He insists he locked the door before he left, but she seems hesitant.
A hiker passes the river, but Althea lays it down to help her.
Later, Strand continues his drunken festivities around the house, but a walker has stumbled in and follows the music to Luciana. Strand tries to help her, but ends up wrestling with her. She has no idea. He steps on the turntable and asks her to find the house break.
June talks to Charlie in her school bus and asks her to think about what just happened to the walker and why she did not call for help.
Althea is a volunteer who takes John and June to the lodge before she leaves in the morning.

Slide 3 of 6ContinuedAlicia approaches Morgan on her farm and says that she knows where "they are". She endeavors to help the missing survivor. Morgan wants to try it for herself, but she wants to go with him. The wind is increasing, but the characters do not notice.
Later, June and Althea hit a tree blocking the road. Althea finds a box that says, "Take what you need, do not do what you do." It's loaded with supplies. Althea wants to get her camera and film this box in case it's a story. June takes the opportunity to ask what John told him during his interview. June reveals her real name, but hesitates to talk more.
In the forest somewhere else Morgan and Alicia discuss the people from Alexandria. Morgan really wants her to come with him and insist that they are still there because they are strong. He mentions that Rick told him that he will find people again and that he wants to prove Rick wrong. "I just want to look him in the eye and tell him he was right," Morgan says. "I think he deserves to know because he was."
Alicia takes a walker and realizes that she is approaching the people she is looking for.
Back in her villa, Strand and Luciana mend the break. Luciana wants to know what they are doing here. Beach wants to enjoy being here. Luciana wants more.

Slide 4 of 6ContinuedAlicia finds more hikers with AGL notes on the AGL Lumber Yard.
Back on the school bus, John makes new scrabble pieces from a sliced ​​cornflake box. He approaches Charlie and asks her to play with him. When they start playing, he describes a time when he did not talk much and thought about a negative worldview. He admits that his opening brought him back into the world and allowed him to forgive himself.
After listening to a walker, John goes to dump him, which Charlie uses as an opportunity to escape.
In the villa, Strand carries bodies through the house to throw them out the door. John Dorie is here, claiming he has good news. Beach was "housekeeping". John wants help finding Charlie, and he claims that he is guilty of being shot on behalf of the people in this house. The beach joins in, but John drives because he drank.

Slide 5 of 6ContinuedIn the lumberyard, Alicia seems to have found the source of the news. Alicia attacks a small herd of hikers to free people. Morgan urges them to be careful and they lure the dead outside to kill them.
Alicia cuts a rope and throws dozens of logs at the hikers. Inside, Alicia finds the man she was looking for, and he's dead. Morgan claims he spent days like that, that she could not save him. "My mother would have found him," says Alicia. "She would have saved him."
Both decide that they have a lot to catch up with. Morgan asks why Alicia isolates herself and suggests that she is there for people like her mother. "I could, but you could be there for us, right?" Alicia asks. "Why are you going then?"
The journey of June and Althea continues. June asks Althea to turn off the camera for a moment. "John fell in love with Laura at the lodge," she says. "I'm not Laura, I'm the woman who got scared and ran away, not just from John, from everybody else, it's who I am, John wants to get back to the cabin and when we do, I'm afraid that he does it. " I realize that I'm not Laura. I never was. When he realizes that … "
Althea, however, gives no advice. "As we talk, you're with John every day," says Althea. Yesterday is yesterday and today today, God knows, there will be a tomorrow, I sound like my mother, it's kind of why I do not do that. "
Suddenly they see a huge flock of birds in the same direction.

Slide 6 of 6The rain has begun. Beach and John are looking for Charlie. While Strand drinks in the passenger seat, John tells him that he used to be a police officer. "I was a millionaire once," replies Strand. However, John wants a better plan for her. He invites beach to the hut, but he takes care of the rest.
Alicia and Morgan go through the wind and the rain. Morgan wants to find a safe place. Alicia wants to continue on her own.
At the villa, Luciana has reached the end of her plate. She hears a bottle falling over and examining. She finds Charlie and tries to get her back to the house. Charlie, however, runs out the front door, leaving behind a book called The Little Prince.
John and June try to talk on the radio when the storm gets worse, but lose the connection. Althea stops the truck and hikers are thrown in by the wind.


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