After 2 years of seizing power, the UN opposes the Burmese military government to hold elections. more bloody than before

On January 31, AFP reported that During the time the Myanmar Army was planning elections New elections are expected in 2023, the United Nations and analysts have warned that they could spark even more bloodshed. As opposition to the junta continues to heat up and planned elections cannot be free and fair under current circumstances, After the military coup 2nd anniversary on February 1, 2023

Ms Nolyn Heyzer, United Nations Representative on Myanmar Issues Stated in a statement that election The junta will provoke more violence. Long-standing conflicts and finding a way back to democracy and stability are even more difficult. and urged the international community to strengthen solidarity in opposing the planned elections.

Mr Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the United NationsSaid he was worried about the case when the military government held elections. amid the unrest situation Intimidation and harassment of political leaders Civil society and journalists “Without an environment that allows the people of Myanmar to vote freely. Organized elections risk exacerbating instability,” the statement said.

from the current factor Opponent political parties have been dissolved and the junta has the support of close allies Russia and China. The military is expected to hold new elections in 2023 according to the Myanmar constitution. Set no later than August this year.

But opposition was fierce from the high mountain forests of the border to the plains used by the army as new recruiting grounds. People across the country’s grass are not inclined to vote. And there is a risk of military retaliation if the people do not vote.

Anti-coup fighters intimidate those cooperating with the election which local media reported There have been several attacks on a voter-listing team in Yangon, which PDF member Lin Lin has promised. The election will not affect the expulsion of the military from Myanmar politics. “We will hold our arms until we have our elected government,” Lin said.

The junta’s declaration of state of emergency is coming to an end at the end of January. After this, the constitution states that Government officials must take action to hold elections soon. Senior General Min Aung Hhai, head of the junta, has yet to set an election date. But last week, General Min Aung Hhai gave political parties two months to register with the Election Commission.

Army negotiators are working to consolidate constituencies to make elections more credible. including regions of rebellious ethnic groups outside the circle of post-coup unrest. including regional political parties

But Ms. Houay Houay Seng, an expert at Curtin University in Australia, said It is likely that elections cannot be held in many parts of the country. and in many areas controlled by the military government It is possible that citizens will be forced to vote and vote for the party that pledges allegiance to the military. People will assume that They are being watched. and may be penalized for not voting or voting against the military.

Independent analyst David Matheson warned that Any election is far more than a fraud. And it was a dirty show to justify the pretext of the coup.

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