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His political career is anything but boring: fifth US Senator, 2004 Democratic presidential candidate, 68th US Secretary of State and also a decorated Vietnam War veteran with three Purple Heart medals – among others.

John Kerry's life clearly reflects the life of America. In his last book, this time a memoir, Kerry shares some of his toughest moments as a diplomat, including his negotiations and decisions made on Syria, the Iran nuclear deal and the Paris Climate Agreement.

He also writes movingly about close colleagues like the late Senator John McCain and then President Barack Obama, and opens up to regaining his personal beliefs while serving in the Senate.

Kerry also expresses his contempt for today's chaotic, partisan climate and is not afraid to criticize the American leadership.

Secretary Kerry will be talking about his book on Saturday, September 15 at 19:30 at an event at the Theater at Ace Hotel.

Correction: An earlier version of this story noted that the event was held by Secretary Kerry on Friday instead of Saturday. It has been updated to reflect the actual date of the event.


John Kerryformer United States Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs (2013-2017); former US Senator from Massachusetts (1985-2013) and Democratic candidate in the 2004 presidential election; Author of the new memoirs, "Every Day Is Extra" (Simon & Schuster 2018) and the tweets @ John kerry



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