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After a breakdown when assigning vaccination appointments with Johnson & Johnson, appointments still free | NDR.de – News – Schleswig-Holstein

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Status: 15.05.2021 11:45 a.m.

Due to a breakdown on Friday, not all appointments for a vaccination for people over 70 with the vaccine from Johnson & Johnson were given. Some can still be booked.

If you are over 70 years old and want to have a vaccination appointment, you still have the chance: on the website www.impfen-sh.de still shows free dates. It’s the rest of the 10,000 appointments that were activated Friday afternoon – it’s about vaccinations for the coming week with the American active ingredient from Johnson & Johnson, which only needs to be injected once. Due to a breakdown, the appointments were not fully assigned.

False reports suggested that vaccination appointments were taken

Schleswig-Holstein released further corona vaccination appointments for people who are 70 years or older on Friday. These could be booked from 5 p.m. for one of the 28 vaccination centers. It took barely more than ten minutes before the message appeared that all available dates for May 17th to 23rd were booked out. However, the message was a glitch. The error was corrected around 20 minutes after activation. In fact, 5,000 appointments were still free at 5.45 p.m., a spokesman for the Ministry of Social Affairs confirmed.

There was already a breakdown on the platform on Monday. There should be a new allocation procedure for canceled appointments, which should be activated from 7 a.m. But it didn’t get that far, the canceled appointments had already been reassigned before 7 a.m.

Only one vaccination needed

“The vaccination campaign is in full swing, but there are people who have been eligible to vaccinate for a long time and have not yet been able to book an appointment,” said Health Minister Heiner Garg (FDP). “With Johnson & Johnson we now have the opportunity to activate additional capacities at short notice in order to make an additional offer especially for the group of over 70-year-olds who have not yet been able to book an appointment with a general practitioner or specialist or at the vaccination center,” said Garg on.

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The Standing Vaccination Commission (STIKO) recommends that the preparation Janssen, as the trade name of the vaccine from Johnson & Johnson is called, only regularly be used in people over 60 years of age.

05/14/2021 7:39 pm

An earlier article reported that appointments were fully booked ten minutes after they were activated. The article was a result of the glitch on the vaccination platform. Please excuse the mistake.

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Editor’s note: In an earlier version we wrote that there will be corona vaccination appointments for another 10,000 people in priority group 2 on May 14th. That is not right. It is correct that on this date the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is only intended for citizens over 70 years of age. Please excuse the mistake.

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