After a fight in Wrzburg: 48-year-old dies in hospital

The 48-year-old, who was hospitalized on Saturday night after a fatal argument with critical health, died from serious injuries. As reported by the Lower Franconia Police Headquarters, the Wrzburg criminal police are now investigating his 33-year-old opponent on suspicion of bodily harm resulting in death.

As already reported, shortly before 2:30 a.m., the two men had an argument in front of a bar on Theaterstrasse. They hit each other with fists. The officials stepped in and provisionally arrested the 33-year-old main aggressor. Since his opponent was suddenly lying motionless on the ground, another patrol crew immediately provided first aid and began resuscitating the man. The ambulance took the man to a hospital with critical health.

Who can give clues?

On Wednesday evening, the officials received the news that the 48-year-old had died in the clinic, according to the press report. The investigations against the 33-year-old from Delmenhorst are therefore being continued because of the suspicion of bodily harm resulting in death.

In order to be able to reconstruct the course of the crime exactly, the Wrzburg criminal police are still hoping for evidence from as yet unknown witnesses.

Who the argument in the Theaterstrae, you are urgently requested to call Tel .: (0931) 457 1732.


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