After a fire speech by Merkel: Is there an agreement on the basic pension?


The dispute over the basic pension has been going on for months. The party also has CDU / CSU and SPD fighting each. Does the GroKo survive these conflicts?

  • For months, the grand coalition in Berlin has been arguing over the basic pension.
  • A scheduled for early November meeting broke short-term.
  • Now CDU / CSU and SPD present the mid-term review, which also decides on the future of the coalition.

Update from 23.00 clock: The GroKo is still in crisis – with new elections is still unlikely, such as the Münchner Merkur* analyzed.

After a fire speech by Merkel: Is there an agreement on the basic pension?

Update from 17:14: The leaders of the coalition factions have shown themselves optimistic Dispute over the basic pension to be able to solve. "I'm very confident because we want to work," said SPD parliamentary leader Rolf Mützenich on Wednesday in Berlin on the occasion of a meeting of the executive committee leaders of Union and SPD in Berlin.

"Here we have factual questions, which we need to clarify at the end of the day," said Union faction leader Ralph Brinkhaus, CSU national group chief Alexander Dobrindt said: "We are working constructively on this issue." He assumes that the coalition can come to the final negotiations. A coalition committee wants itself on this Sunday strive for a compromise after months of strife.

At the coalition's mid-term review, Brinkhaus said that much had been achieved. Mützenich also emphasized: "The Basket is well filled"Brinkhaus made it clear that despite many discussions he considers the coalition to be capable of action:" It does not matter if it storms or snows, no matter whether it smokes or crashes – here in the engine room of the factions we continue to work. "

Grundrente and management dispute: Are the CDU / CSU and the SPD able to survive the mid-term review?

Update from November 6, 2019, 1:15 pm: As "grottenschlecht" Friedrich Merz has called the grand coalition. In talk shows such as "Anne Will" or "Hart but Fair" the government from CDU / CSU and SPD was partly accused of incapacitation. In addition, overshadowed by the dispute over basic pensions, the Grand Coalition has presented its mid-term review – and, for many, this is positive.

The Cabinet noted the report on Wednesday. A more detailed political assessment of what has been achieved should be left to the respective coalition parties.

Despite Grundrenten drama: mid-term review of the grand coalition surprised

Despite the dispute, the grand coalition in the introduction to the 84-page paper signals that it wants to continue: "Together with the Bundestag factions of CDU / CSU and SPD, we have achieved and implemented a lot – but there is still much to be done. "

A positive interim balance is considered an essential basis for the continuation of the grand coalition of the Union and the SPD. It was included in the coalition agreement at the instigation of the SPD. In coalition circles it is said that it will be even more important than a retrospective stocktaking to tackle future projects for the time until the regular election to the Bundestag in autumn 2021.

A firm view of the upcoming election could also serve the governing parties to position themselves more strongly and to differentiate themselves. Too much understanding would therefore only be expected in points that are not very much in the public interest. However, the majority of voters do not share the positive interim conclusion.

Grundrente dispute: Chancellor Angela Merkel holds fire speech before the faction

Update November 4, 10:05 pm: How threatening the dispute over the basic rent for the continued existence of Grand coalition is revealed on Tuesday in the CDU / CSU faction. As Focus Online reports, the Chancellor Angela Merkel a "brand-name speech" to the deputies. She urged the outcome of the multi-coalition working group on land rent, which is a good basis for a compromise in the coalition committee on Sunday. According to this bill, one could say that then 99 percent of the basic pension recipients would rightly receive the financial aid. Representatives of union should stop telling stories of villa owners if they want to continue to be a People's Party. Merkel called as counter examples cleaners or employees in logistics companies. They should also be voters of the Union – as well as SMEs or entrepreneurs. Here Merkel got a lot of applause.

But there was also a contradiction in the faction. Several MPs would have a stricter one means test required. The assets of applicants should also be included.

"Finally make a catch": Union opens up new line of conflict – escalates the GroKo Zoff today?

Update from November 5th, 9:58 am: The coalition continues to argue over the Means test for the basic pension. This Tuesday, the factions of the Union and the SPD are discussing the situation. SPD General Secretary Lars Klingbeil sees Chancellor Angela Merkel and party leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer asked on the CDU side. He agreed "The Chancellor and the CDU party leader should quickly end this blockade and the polyphony in the Union. We have to finally put a stop to the basic pension. "SPD politician Norbert Walter-Borjans, candidate for the party presidency, said in the ARD program" hard but fair ": "Without a basic pension, this coalition makes no sense."

The Socialists also warn against to combine the topic of basic pension with the demand for a reduction of corporate taxes. But apparently the Union is opening up this very line of conflict, according to a report by Stuttgarter Zeitung and Stuttgarter Nachrichten In the afternoon, the Union's parliamentary party wants to adopt a list of demands, including a cap on the tax rate on profits of corporations and partnerships at 25 percent is required.

Basic pension? SPD politicians fear "rapid momentum" to the end

Update 17:05: The basic pension remains a topic of controversy on Monday. Behind it a controversial question smiles: Is the dispute over the basic pension actually the potential to become the sticking point for the shaky GroKo? From the coalition different signals are perceived.

One thing is clear: The government wants to draw a mid-term review soon, "until the beginning / middle of November", as Vice-government spokeswoman Ulrike Demmer said. It was still unclear until Monday afternoon, whether the Cabinet actually wants to present this rather factual listing of Completed this Wednesday. For the basic pension, the government would then admit the difference of opinion – more and more the topic would be charged with it.

The upcoming party congress increase the uncertainties. The CDU is on 22 and 23 November expected violent power – looked at the SPD on 6 to 8 December with anxiety, whether the thumb goes up to GroKo or down.

According to the Union, many MPs are fed up with getting more and more in favor of the SPD just to make sure that their interim results are positive. Only so that the SPD stay in the coalition. But therefore show little willingness to compromise on the basic pension and let the government appear as little actionable?

But nervousness is felt in the Union and in the SPD. A crisis is not yet mentioned, but of a "really critical situation," as one says. Others are of the opinion that if the coalition committee does not come to an agreement on this Sunday, it is always possible to adjourn. But in the SPD some do not want to exclude a fast momentum in the direction of GroKo-Aus, if the ground rent now fails for the first time.

Others are calm: "I assume that we will come to a solution," says a Social Democrat. It is unclear whether parts of the Union want to tie the topic with relief for companies – tax cuts rejected by the SPD. Whether the debate harms the Groko and how capable of action the government is still, the guests discussed at "hard but fair".

Grundrente is "unworthy chase": GroKo fierce in the criticism – Dobrindt blasphemes

Update 1:13 pm: The German Trade Union Confederation (DGB) has the big coalition because of the new Delays in the negotiations on the basic pension accused of an "unworthy transaction". The Union takes without scruples two million retirees "in hostage, in order to squeeze the SPD a lowering of the already low corporate tax," said DGB board member Annelie Buntenbach on Monday in Berlin.

"Two billion euros for an income-tested basic pension are too expensive for the Union, but a tax gift of over ten billion euros for companies are loosely in it," emphasized Buntenbach.

Dissatisfied expressed on Monday also CSU country group leader Markus Dobrindt. "One can have the impression that some here want to connect a factual question with a question of power. But social policy is not very well suited to questions of power, "said Dobrindt on Monday after participants in a CSU board meeting in Munich. In his view, one could make decisions on the basic pension in the coalition committee.

The CSU politician also warned: "If you question the coalition, you must also give the answer, as it goes on." Dobrindt but also added, although they want a fair land rent – "what we do not want is money with to distribute the Hubertus Heil confetti cannon. "

Criticism of Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer and Angela Merkel came from SPD General Lars Klingbeil. In view of the contradictory statements from the CDU, the question arises whether the CDU leader and the Chancellor "finally interfere with the debate, prevail, sometimes determine the course of the Union," said SPD Secretary General Lars Klingbeil on Monday on ZDF – "morning Magazine". Only at the weekend there had been harsh criticism of the leadership of the two CDU women – in drastic terms in the New York Times, Klingbeil also criticized the basic rent for a "blockade in parts of the Union".

Ground rent – Union remains tough on one point

Update November 4, 6:53 pm: In the coalition-internal dispute over the Grundrente Union faction leader Ralph Brinkhaus a solution without neediness test gave a clear refusal. "That will not work with us," Brinkhaus said World.

The Union faction was "unwilling to override the principles of the pension and the basic benefits system". "We do not want to distribute tax money to people who do not need the support." He notes "deep down in the workforce that people do not understand when people get extra money from the state, even though they do not need it," he said CDU politicians continue.

There is agreement between the Union and the SPD that all those who have 35 years of contributions have a pension ten percent above the basic security. However, the union and SPD have been arguing for months about who exactly should receive the pension supplement. The Union insists on the test of actual need agreed in the coalition agreement, which the SPD rejects.

Due to outstanding questions regarding the basic rent, the coalition's peak meeting planned for Monday evening had been postponed until November 10th.

Basic pension: Groko postpones top meetings

Update 5:15 pm: The postponement of the summit meeting of the coalition to the basic pension was based on information from SPD circles from the Union. This was learned by the German Press Agency on Sunday. The CDU had announced that a coalition committee meeting scheduled for Monday evening would be postponed to Sunday. There are still open points.

An SPD spokesman told dpa that he could confirm that the coalition committee had been postponed to 10 November. "The working group had done very good preparatory work, but there is still need for clarification. The SPD remains confident that an agreement will be reached. "

It was initially unclear whether there will be a meeting of the coalition working group on the ground rent until the peak meeting on Sunday.

GroKo fails (for the time being) on ​​the basic pension – peak meeting postponed

Update from November 3, 2019, 4:40 pm: The black-red governing coalition postpones its scheduled Monday evening top meeting on the basic pension on 10 November. There are still open points, said the CDU on Sunday in Berlin.

However, there is movement in the right direction, said the spokesman: "The working group on the basic pension has done important preparatory work and moved towards each other positions."

Originally it was planned that the tips of parties and fractions on Monday evening settle the months-long dispute over the structure of the basic pension. At the weekend it had become clear that the positions are still far apart in important points.

First notification: GroKo probably before agreement on basic pension – Union demands but accommodation of the SPD

Berlin – Union and SPD wrestle since months around a solution in the Grundrentenstreit. The main conflict of the negotiators was the last question, to what extent the respective monthly income of the possible Grundrenten-recipients should be examined. Now the government parties are probably facing an agreement. CSU boss Markus Söder said on Wednesday against the South German newspaper: "We are optimistic to come to a solution next week".

Söder calls for compromise of the SPD in relieving the economy

However, Söder demands an accommodation from the SPD. The goal is to strengthen the economy: "We need a great package of benefits that shows the big coalition that it can still act big." The economy should be relieved. According to the CSU, corporate tax should fall from 32 to 25 percent. The price of electricity should also decline by bringing forward a reduction in the EEG surcharge.

Basic pension: The most important questions should be resolved by Monday

On Monday evening, the coalition committee meets in Berlin. Until then, the most important questions should be clarified. This Thursday, the working group is still negotiating key details. Thus, the last discussed income tax allowance of 1200 euros could in future be between 800 and 900 euros, the newspaper said.

The model stipulated in the coalition agreement stipulates that low-paid workers with 35 years of contributions after retirement will receive a pension that is ten percent above the basic security. There is also a regulation for those who narrowly miss the 35 years. The total cost of the basic pension should remain below two billion euros.

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