after a mocked video, the hospital closes its Twitter account

The hospital wanted to thank the nursing staff for their investment and signify the end of the mandatory mask. But the comments turned into a nightmare.

By Nathan Joubioux for Le Point

After hateful comments under his video, the Béziers hospital closed his Twitter account.

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L’initiative started from a good feeling. But it quickly turned into a nightmare, reports the Free lunch. At the beginning of May, the hospital of Beziers would like to thank the nursing staff of the establishment and celebrate the end of the obligation to wear the mask. “Perhaps she will have to impose herself again in the future, but for now, let’s enjoy the pleasure of discovering or rediscovering herself again”, indicates the hospital.

To do this, a video is shot, with the background music “To our everyday heroes”, by Soprano. For almost four minutes, the video shows a hundred people working at the hospital removing their masks, all smiles.

“When the wise point to the moon, Twitter look at the finger…”

But the initiative does not please. Because once the video is published on Twitter, Internet users go wild, and sometimes even health professionals. They criticize the caregivers who remove their mask within their service. And the comments are so violent that the management decides to close his account. “Twitter allows a torrent of hatred, violence and insults to flow”, reacts the management, in a press release published on Facebook.

“When the sage points to the Moon, Twitter looks at the finger…”, continues the hospital. Because this film “was very well received by our staff, which was our main objective, as well as on all social networks”, she assures. “We were one of the first to open a Twitter account. We are the first to close it. We give you an appointment on frequentable social networks, ”concludes the establishment.

2023-06-01 17:46:10

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