After all, Prcek from Kolín is inspired by the world of SUVs. Behind the door is a Toyota Aygo X.

Toyota is not leaving the world of mini-cars, but it will still react to current trends. Due to its style, the novelty from Kolín will bear the Aygo X designation.

The mini-car segment has been in decline in recent years, due to stricter safety and emission standards, such models are becoming too expensive for customers, and so interest in them is declining. However, the battalion continues to be held by Asian brands in the segment, and Hyundai or Toyota continue to trust mini-cars. It is the Japanese brand that is now preparing a new generation of the still popular Ayga.

Toyota has previously confirmed that it expects the third generation of Ayga to arrive on the market alone. The Japanese carmaker has terminated its cooperation with Citroën and Peugeot in the field of mini-cars, as a result of which the direct successors of the C1 and 108 will no longer arrive. The partners had different ideas about the future of these cars, so Toyota had to develop a new generation of Ayga itself.

He now confirms that the car will be renamed the Aygo X. According to the manufacturer, “the new model heralds the expansion of Toyota’s ever-growing range of crossovers.” The X reads as a “cross” and follows the typical styling of the outgoing second generation car.

The carmaker thus confirms earlier reports that Aygo is inspired by the world of crossovers and SUVs in the new generation, precisely in response to changing market trends. According to Toyota, the goal is “to offer a confident compact crossover, unique in the minivan class.”

The inspiration in this direction will be this year’s Aygo X prologue concept, which was to indicate the shape of the new generation of mini-cars. It seems that the serial car in the study does not follow the individual stylistic elements, but also the overall character, or increased attitude.

The basis is the GA-B platform developed for small cars, known from the Yaris and Yaris Cross. However, it will use a shorter wheelbase. The engines on offer will be exclusively three-cylinder, and it is still unclear whether the new Aygo X will undergo any form of electrification. Toyota has already emphasized that its mini-car should, above all, remain available, which the hybrid drive still does not allow at all.

The new Toyota Aygo X will be officially unveiled to the world in early November. Its production will continue to be in charge of the Cologne factory, today bearing the name TMMCZ. The Aygo X will be produced here alongside Yaris, using the same technical basis.