After Alleged Extortion, Central Jakarta Environmental Agency Sub-dept. Will Give SP to Truck Drivers and PJLP


The Central Jakarta Environment Agency (Sudin LH) will send a warning letter to one driver and another individual service provider (PJLP) in the aftermath of the alleged illegal levies (extortion) cases against cart officers. This was done because they were considered to have allowed the alleged extortion even though it was by mutual agreement.

“But still, I will process my depot officers there with the truck driver, I will give them an SP (warning letter) for allowing activities such as krecekan (extortion),” said Acting Head of the Central Jakarta LH Sub-dept. Edy Mulyanto when contacted, Saturday. (22/10/2022).

Edy did not specify the initials and positions of duty of his two subordinates who will be in the SP. He said he had asked for information from a number of parties, including making an examination report (BAP) from the depot guard and the truck driver.



“That’s why in the end it is possible (later) the follow-up to the SP is that they may be disabled for a while, maybe they will be transferred to another place, they are no longer on duty there, they will be replaced later, because they let it be like that,” said Edy.

“This SP is heavy, once again he was given SP, he was dismissed,” he continued.

Edy said he had ordered all ranks of Kasatpel to prohibit the ‘extortion between cart drivers’. He said that this should not happen in the TPS depot area.

“I also ordered the Kasatpel, there should be no more cracks there, if you want the cart officers to take the initiative, don’t take it to our depot or TPS,” he said.

Make Coffee

Previously, it was known that the Central Jakarta LH Sub-dept. had checked the allegations of illegal levies. Edy explained the results of the check.

“It is true that the manusia gerobak feel they have not been harmed and that they have agreed. This is based on the agreement of the cart staff and for their coffee and tea,” said Edy at the LH Sub-dept. office, Central Jakarta.

In addition, he said, the money was used for a joint venture between two people in charge of unloading the carts.

“Then for the twins, the wagon officer to unload the cart, yes,” he said.

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