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An inhabitant of Hamilton, New Zealand, unknowingly purchased 1,000 chickens from a poultry farm in Massey, a suburb of Auckland on Sunday. The announcement of a popular auction site in the country said that the farm was shutting down and had to get rid of
animals, reports the news website Stuff.

The price quoted was NZ $ 1.50. Steve Morrow naturally thought it was the price to buy a chicken.

Save chickens, whatever the cost

The New Zealander had decided to schedule an automatic auction, on the site, for a maximum amount of 20 dollars. He thought he could buy two poultry at this price. Last weekend, he learned that he was the highest bidder. "I thought (…) that I could take as much as I wanted. Once in contact with the dealer, he learns that he will become the new owner of the 1,000 gallinaceous plants. "What is certain is that I was shocked," he added.

The "happy" owner said he would keep 20 chickens. But he worries about the fate of others, that he does not want to see executed. Steve Morrow contacted an animal shelter, which works to have the animals adopted.

"I wanted to save those 1,000 lives, even if it meant driving to Auckland to feed them myself," he said. Some 700 chickens are already saved.


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