After confinement, access to homeschooling doubled

Before the pandemic, there were around 4,000 families in Mexico who were betting on homeschooling as an education model, which is characterized by offering a personalized education to children who did not adapt to the traditional system. And that has now doubled from confinement.

“Our statistics indicate that 30 percent of our enrollment is Mexican and before the pandemic it was 15 percent. The face-to-face schools that immediately migrated to the online mode due to the pandemic were not prepared for the distance education model and there was a big complaint from parents of children aged 4 to 8 who had to be in front of the team for more than 8 hours a day ”, stated Corina Intriago, director of the MATI Talent Institute.

“The type of families and children who choose Homeschooling is made up of children who suffered from scenarios of bullying and misunderstanding. Others have intellectual giftedness, and different capacities, ADHD, and above all, they are families whose rhythm of life and work does not adapt to the needs of traditional schools ”, he highlighted.

He pointed out that “the majority tried the traditional educational system where their children could not adapt and made the decision to take the educational baton of their children. They are clear that all children are different and that is why they must go at their own pace of learning, for example, some are more prominent in mathematical areas and others in artistic areas ”.