After controversy, the Biden administration clarifies its position on the Golan

In a brief tweet on its Twitter account, the US State Department denied all rumors about a change in the position of the current administration headed by Joe Biden on the issue of the occupied Golan Heights.

While that tweet raised questions about its timing and content, it affirmed Washington’s commitment to the position of the administration of former President Donald Trump in terms of recognizing and recognizing Israel’s sovereignty, at least now, over the occupied Syrian plateau for years.

The ministry said briefly in its tweet yesterday evening: The US policy on the Golan has not changed and all reports indicating the opposite are false!

Change in politics or not?!

In the details, the reason for that tweet is due to a report published yesterday by the American Washington Free Beacon, in which it indicated a change in the American position on this issue.

And it quoted an official in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as saying, in response to a query about the current administration’s position on the Golan issue, that this area does not belong to anyone, and that control over it can change depending on the region’s ever-changing dynamics, in a sign that was understood as a retreat from the previous position.

The Trump administration had announced that the heights that Israel captured from Syria in 1967 will be part of Israel in 2019.

From the occupied Golan Heights (archive – AFP)

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Then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also made a trip to the region in 2020, reiterating that America had formally abandoned a decades-old policy of viewing the Golan as an occupied territory.

It is noteworthy that these heights occupied by the Israeli forces constitute a strategic and water-rich location for Syria. Neither the United Nations nor most countries around the world have recognized Israel’s sovereignty over them. Rather, UN resolutions confirm that they are occupied Syrian territory.