After deepfake Zelensky, also fake video mayor Kiev – Hi-tech

After Zelensky’s deepfake, that of Kiev mayor Vitaly Klitschko also spreads. Several European mayors, including those of Berlin and Madrid, were duped into believing they had a video conference conversation with the mayor which turned out to be a fake. This was revealed by the Ukrainian agency Ukrinform, picked up by various media, which reported a protest by Klitschko himself, who accused the Russians of practicing war on all fronts, “including that of spreading disinformation to put Ukrainian politicians in a bad light, putting them against their Western partners with the aim of stopping Western aid to Ukraine “.

The incriminated false conversations are the result of ‘Deepfake’ technology, which through artificial intelligence allows the faces, expressions and voices of people to be replaced with fake images in the videos. The deceived European mayors, including the Madrid alcalde, José Luis Martinez-Almeida and Berlin-based Buergmeisterin Franziska Giffey, denounced the decoy was an invitation to a videoconference with Klitschko via a fake email address.

But the deception did not last long, at least in the case of Berlin: “There were no signs that the videoconference was not held with a real person,” said – quoted by the Guardian – Giffey; after about fifteen minutes the first suspicions surfaced, when the fake Klitschko started pointing the finger at Ukrainian war refugees. Taking advantage of a brief interruption in communication, the mayor contacted the Ukrainian ambassador in Berlin, who heard the Kiev authorities, confirming that there is no negotiation with the real mayor.



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