After destroying pork production in Cuba, the Government resorts to foreign investment to revive it

Twenty days after the official data reflected a drop in pork production of 53.5% in Cuba During 2021, the state Cuban News Agency reports the constitution of the Cuban-Mexican trading company Dagame SADedicated to pig fattening and production.

Edel Sotolongo Rodríguez, deputy manager for the cuban partexplained that Dagame SA has a 50 percent stake in the company Maquinarias yestructuras Agrícolas SA, from Mexico.and specified that it will be located in the Alquízar municipality, in the Artemisa province, specifically on the La Emelina farm.

In a first stage, they will be dedicated only to the pig fattening and intend to produce around 3,000 tons of hoof porkaccording to the official.

However, Cubans who do not have foreign currency will see little or none of that meat. María Dolores Rivero Díaz, general director of the company Ganaderías SA, said that at first the productions will go to the Ministry of the Food Industry and, in particular, to the Tauro company, as well as for online sale through commerce. mail (with high prices and mainly in foreign currency). The tourism sector and the users of the Mariel Special Development Zone will also benefit, the official said, according to the note, which she does not clarify. when will the Cuban population have access to the pork produced by the joint venture.

In the last times, pork has become an almost more inaccessible product like beef for Cubansbecause of their high prices.

Rivero Díaz pointed out that the Mexican side will be in charge, at first, of providing feed for feed the pigswhich will represent an advantage, since guaranteeing food for these animals is one of the main obstacles in Cuba’s livestock production.

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In the middle of the pork shortagewhich will be the largest animal feed factory in Cuba is paralyzedas reported in April by the official newspaper Granma.

Las difficulties feeding the pigstogether with the suffocating regulations imposed by the Government, caused Cuba lost 90% of pork producers in the last five years.

Just 20 days before the creation of Dagame S.A.the official agricultural data for 2021 in Cuba, published by the state National Office of Information Statistics (ONEI)showed the failure of the 63 agricultural measures and the Ordering Task implemented by the Cuban Government: to the drop in more than 50% of the pig production, with respect to the previous year, the stagnation in viands and vegetables and the decrease in the 15% in rice production.

Sotolongo Rodríguez affirmed that the creation of Dagame SA. constitutes an opening to foreign investment and lays the foundations to promote future productive linkages not only with the agricultural sector, but with other sectors that allow stimulating pig farming in Cuba.

Among its projects is linking up with the National Genetic Company and with the Artemisa Swine Company, commented the Cuban deputy manager.

This is the second mixed entity created in Cuba for that activity and has as a precedent the one located in the province of Cienfuegos, he explained.

He also underlined that the company is constituted on the basis of existing facilities that will undergo a technological renovation process to start operations in the second quarter of 2023.