After dismissal for terrorist suspicion VW must continue Islamist employ

After dismissal for terrorist suspicion VW must continue Islamist

Hanover – At 11.42 am, Samir B. (30) in sweatpants and moccasins strolls to the Landesarbeitsgericht Hannover. The Islamist is suing Volkswagen. The car maker had fired him in November 2016, because he threatened work colleagues and probably wanted to travel to the ISIS area. Even in the courtroom provoked the German-Algerians, filming the press present.

The explosive past of Samir B.’s lawyer

Under the supervision of a judicial officer, he has to delete the video because he does not have a filming permit. The allegations against the assembly worker (3500 euro monthly salary) weigh heavily: Volkswagen feared that her employee could commit an attack on the factory premises in Wolfsburg. For example, at a works meeting, to which up to 10,000 workers come.

BILD documents the case At the end of August 2014, Samir B. was sitting in a restaurant in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Next to him the Wolfsburg Bilel H. and Houssem H. Shortly thereafter, the two companions traveled to Syria, joined the terrorist organization ISIS. Both are dead! They were part of the Wolfsburg terror cell. And Samir B. was apparently more involved in their activities than he wants to admit.

Photo: Facebook “data-zoom-src =” a-berlin-resta-200724617-55077408 / picture / 2.bild.jpg “/> Samir B. (right) with the ISIS terrorists Bilel H. (red cap) and Houssem H. in a Berlin restaurant Photo: Facebook

On December 28, 2014, the border police stopped him at Hanover airport – with 9350 euros cash and a drone, as the “Wolfsburg news” reported. The investigators are sure: B. wanted to travel to the Syrian war zone. His passport was withdrawn from him. According to the VW lawyers and the Administrative Court of Braunschweig, it has been proven that Samir B. “was involved in the recruitment and support of fighters from Wolfsburg”. The ISIS recruiter Yassine O. and the two now convicted returnees Ayoub B. and Ebrahim H.B. Samir is said to have even driven to the airport, according to an investigator. In court, the Islamist was cool, just smiled wearily, as the judge reads his case. He himself had stamps from Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Turkey in his passport. He traveled to Turkey three times and returned by plane.

Photo: Tobias Wölki “data-zoom-src =” 2.bild.jpg “/> Hans-Eberhard Schultz (75) with Samir B. on the way to the courtroom Photo: Tobias Wölki

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