After driving in the wrong direction and hitting a tree, a man from Var was arrested with 3g/l of alcohol in his blood

On December 28, around 10:15 a.m., a crew from the La Seyne police station went to Avenue Frédéric-Mistral to find out how and why a motorist had been traveling in the wrong direction, before hitting a tree… At the scene of the the accident, the police came across an unmistakable clue: the thirty-year-old reeked of alcohol and his behavior was not very consistent.

Good for a blood test on the day of his arrest, he was summoned this Tuesday to find out the result: 3.09g of alcohol per liter of blood! At this level, others would have sunk into an alcoholic coma… Traces of cannabis and cocaine were also detected.

Treated at his request

The individual soberly acknowledged the facts and informed the police that, for the past month, he has been followed in addictology at La Seyne hospital, at his request. He is to be tried next June as part of an appearance on prior admission of guilt (CRPC).