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After farewell to Univisión, Bárbara Bermudo gives them a lesson with a photo


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After Univisión said goodbye to Barbara Bermudo almost two years ago, the presenter reappeared to make clear one thing and through a photo to encourage her fanatics about the possibility of seeing her soon.

"Heating up motors! The end of a cycle is always the beginning of something new. #YOSOYMAS "was what Barbara wrote in a photo where she can be seen doing tests on a television set, dressed very sexy with a muddy red dress.

As usual, the comments for the sensual Barbara did not wait.

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"Bella, God bless you always, success in everything you do", "Any program?", "Where can we see you, what chain!", "Already returns to the TV", "Many successes, blessings for your new project, hopefully for TV, and we can see it "," I miss you on TV, you adorn any screen "," Congratulations on your new professional cycle ".

And although the driver did not say where they could see her soon, the comments continued: "We have waited for you with such affection, God is good", "What a thrill to know that I will see you again on TV", "A beautiful woman, all the success of the world in what you do "," Do you return to television? ".

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It should be noted that since December 2016, Bárbara Bermudo did not appear on television until the end of last year when she reappeared in an interview with the Suelta la Sopa program.

Ironically, she went to a Telemundo program, the competition of her previous Univision company, to which Barbara Bermudo gave her an interview to talk about what she is doing after she left Primer Impacto.

"We came from New York, but it seems that they would have thrown us out of the house," joked her husband Mario Andrés Moreno, who currently hosts a local radio program in Miami, and who was fired before her from Univisión.


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