After her polemical remarks about single mothers, the columnist Julie Graziani returned from the magazine "The incorrect"


"The editorial staff decided that in any case Julie Graziani could no longer represent her, on television or elsewhere, on social media or in some media," says the director of the monthly on its website.

"I stop working with the magazine The Wrong. Effective today. " In a pithy tweet, Julie Graziani, editorialist "and polemist", announced Thursday, November 7, the end of his contract with the monthly close to the far right.

On its website, the conservative magazine confirms the end of its collaboration with Julie Graziani. "After a reasonable period of reflection, leaving him both time to come to his senses and escape the media pack in dignity, the writing of The Wrong decided that in any case Julie Graziani could no longer represent her, on television or elsewhere, on social networks or in some media "writes Jacques de Guillebon, the editorial director. The Wrong also states that Julie Graziani did not "otherwise never been employed by the newspaper".

Monday, November 4, guest of the show "24 Pujadas" on LCI, the columnist reacted to the testimony of a single woman against Emmanuel Macron during a trip to Rouen. "Alone with two children, the smic, I do not really see how we can get out of it "she lamented. "What did she do to get into the smic, did she work well at school, did she go to school, and then if we are in the smic, it may not be necessary to divorce either in these cases "had estimated Julie Graziani.

Journalists on the set and Internet users did not fail to react. Despite criticism, the polemist has made his remarks. "I put the points on I. Everyone is responsible for their life course, you made the wrong choice of job, you made the wrong choice of guy, you assume." It's not up to the state to arrange your problems ", she especially tweeted. "It appears that since this sad passage, and despite our advice and objurgations, Julie Graziani has not been aware in the least of the scandalous nature of his words, and instead is clinging in disdain more than Macronian for 'those which are nothing ', testify his messages and videos on Twitter for example ", also justified the editorial director of The Wrong.


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