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After her release .. words of thanks and gratitude of the influential Mirhan Hussein to her family .. Photos

"What love but bond in times of distress ".. With these words expressed the artist Mirhan Hussein expressed gratitude and thanked, each of the stand by her, and tried to communicate with her to check on them," and after her release from the Department of the pyramid.

Merhan wrote with a series of photos published, "What love but bond in times of distress .. Thank you from my heart to all those who asked him and tired themselves Oyh Ttmnoa it and Ttmoni .. Your love Gmrna and Tmnni .. Thank you Ahly thanks Sahaby Thank you my neighbors, thank you جمهوري حبايبي" .

Mirhan with her family
Mirhan with her family

Merhan with her cat
Merhan with her cat

The artist Mirhan Hussain completes the filming of her scenes in the series "Family Records" on Saturday 16 February, after completing a large part of her role in the work during the last period. The work is scheduled for March 2.

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The series "Family Constraint" by Mohamed Rajaa and directed by Tamer Hamza and featuring a large number of artists including Mervat Amin, Bossi, Nidal El Shafei, Salah Abdullah, Simon, Khaled Sarhan, Menna Fadali, Dunia Abdel Aziz, Sabry Fawaz, Mohamed Mahmoud Abdel Aziz , Ahmed El-Tohamy, Mohamed Nagaty, Amira Hany, Ehab Fahmy, Mirna Waleed, Mohamed Ezz, Yasmin Niazi, Hoda and Karoline Azmi.



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