After his blow to the head, Marc Márquez sees double and says goodbye to the season

The Spanish MotoGP rider, Marc Márquez, said goodbye to the Valencia Motorcycle Grand Prix, which will be held on Sunday at the Cheste circuit, due to to a strong blow that he received on his head and that woke him up with diplopia as in 2011, as reported by his team on Tuesday.

Statement launched by Marc Márquez’s team, Repsol Honda Team. @HRC_MotoGP

“The examination carried out on Marc Márquez after the trauma that occurred has confirmed that the pilot has diplopia (double vision) and has revealed a paralysis of the fourth right nerve with involvement of the right superior oblique muscle “, the Repsol-Honda team doctor, Bernat Sánchez Dalmau, announced in a statement.

“It has been chosen to carry out a conservative treatment with periodic controls to follow the clinical evolution. This fourth right nerve is the one that was already injured in 2011, “added the doctor.

The young driver had already resigned from the Portuguese GP race last week and will now not participate in the last test of the season in Valencia nor in the Jerez tests scheduled for November 18 and 19.

“These are hard times, it seems that it is raining in the wet. After visiting Doctor Sánchez Dalmau, a new episode of diplopia (double vision) has been confirmed, as in 2011. It touches patience, but if one thing I have learned is to face adversity with positivity. Thanks for the support“Márquez wrote on his Twitter account.


In 2011 the six-time champion fell during free practice at the Malaysian GP weekend and He did not compete in a race again that season or ride a motorcycle for five months.

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As expected, the difficulties were slow to go away, so, he was barely able to return in the first race of the following season’s edition in Qatar But that did not stop him and not only did he win that day, but he was crowned champion of that season.


According to the Institute of Ocular Microsurgery, diplopia is “an alteration of vision that consists of the perception of two images of the same objectFurthermore, this double vision “can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal, depending on where the duplicated image appears (next to, above, below or diagonally to the object), “the institute stressed.