After his house became a shooting location for the KKN film in the Dancer Village, Ngadiyo chose to move, RT Chairman: Out of Fear

YOGYAKARTA, – The big screen film which is claimed to be derived from the true story of the Desa Penari KKN, has become one of the highest-grossing horror films today.

One of the filming locations is in Ngluweng Padukuhan, Ngleri Village, Gunungkidul, DI Yogyakarta.

Information from local residents, the picture was taken in November 2019.

“About 2 years ago Pak Ngadiyo’s house was the location for shooting (taking pictures), I don’t know the details,” said one of the Ngluweng hamlets, Danuri, when met in Gunungkidul, on Wednesday (18/5/2022).

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Danuri, whose house is only a few meters from the shooting location, revealed how long the filming took in the house.

“If this is Pak Ngadiyo’s house, the person concerned now lives with his son about a year and a half ago. About 2 years ago the filming, before Covid-19 was in November 2019. The shooting here took about a month,” said Danuri. also tried to visit Ngadiyo’s house. The condition is not maintained.

Danuri had invited him into the house, and the condition of the house had not been inhabited for a long time, with many sagging tiles.

Many of the walls of houses made of wood have holes.

Ngadiyo’s house is far from neighbors. In addition, on the left side there are bamboo plants and on the right are teak trees.

Danuri said that Ngadiyo and his wife were no longer in the house.

“The only ones left behind were Pak Ngadiyo and his wife. After filming, they owned a hospital and lived with their children in Banaran,” he said.