Apple has an iPhone problem and with the new one iPhone XS. XR and XS max finally in the open, it only got worse. I already said that over a year (actually me Beat this drum a lot).

The problems started in 2017, when Apple skipped the iPhone 9 to release two 8s and a 10, its ten-year anniversary phone. But to name the iPhone X – and to pursue it further three more "X" phones 2018 – Apple has created a rippling effect that makes me brew and wonder aloud: "What the hell, Apple, what can come next?"

The first problem is the X. It looks like an "ex", but you have to say it as "ten", otherwise all fanboys and fangirls will yell at you. That makes sense when the X stands alone. But if you combine it with an S, an R and a S Max, the brain takes over and you get the iPhone "excess", the iPhone "ex is" and the "excess max" (and that sounds really exaggerating) ). At best, your "ten" turns into "tennis," a nice game on the court, but a really bad name for a phone.

The second problem occurs when you think about succession. I've been saying for some time that the "X" for Apple is a major brand change that represents a higher level of the iPhone than its predecessors. The X stands for the Apple iPhone with secure infrared face detection, no home button and state-of-the-art large screens. The X-mark is a more expensive setup than before and makes it easier for you to be consistent and purposeful Pay more for your mobile,

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So what follows logically with the iPhone XS, the linchpin of the new iPhone X family? Oh, did not you know that? The iPhone X is essentially nothing more. Apple Yoinked it from his online storewhich makes it a really year-old edition phone, as far as direct selling from Apple is concerned. You can still buy it through carriers and third party vendors, at least while supplies last.

Apple could Follow the iPhone XS – where "S" is a small upgrade – with the iPhone 11. Or is the iPhone XI? Would the 2020 phone make the iPhone XIS? ("iPhone Ziss"?) No way; What a horror show.

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Well, how about calling it "iPhone X (2020)"? Apple has done that before with iPads and MacBooks, and although we dislike it, we have learned to accept it, though it causes a lot of confusion. ("Which iPhone do you have?" "Uh, the iPhone one?")

Apple could also just continue with its misleading illogical new naming convention. (Seriously, what does the R in iPhone XR mean? Reduced?) Maybe 2019 will bring us the iPhone XRS or the iPhone X2. But would the next year be the iPhone X2S?

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Or maybe next year we'll finally get the supposedly stylus-friendly iPhone at the top. That could be at least the "iPhone X Pro".

On the other hand, Apple could always throw us on a loop and eventually bring the iPhone family in line with Apple's love for California geological namesplaces and call the next flagship phone the iPhone Tahoe to mirror it MacOS High Sierra,

I miss the warm certainty of a logical naming structure where Ses follows integers and everything in the universe is good. As far as future iPhone names go now, it's still a bold – and confusing – new world.

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