General Horoscope: Previously, what Capricorns did, may not have reached the heart, after 14 November, there will be opportunities and good things to come. Finance and everything that was previously stuck will be smooth. You should be careful about your mouth, it will be a danger. Do not fight with anyone. There may be things that come to shock. Let it go Don’t be shocked by it. Who argues, don’t retaliate. Or open the issue first

Job horoscope: From mid-November to the end of November, there will be jobs, people who already have jobs have the opportunity to expand.

Aquarius (February 13-March 13)

General Horoscope: From now until November 14, there will be a more pronounced fortune than every zodiac sign. As for personal life, although boredom is good, even in the past, there were bad things and after this it turned out well. Will have a chance to eat secretly

Pisces (Between March 14 – April 12)

General Horoscope: Very good Pisces, if you have an idea. Or have done any Before this, both work and study waiting for a good time Changing This one can be started before November 14. To accomplish your wish after November 14, it will be your fortune. He is the source of good fortune. Showing that what they think, what they do If he takes any action The people of Pisces are auspicious occurring to them, that is, the fortune arising from them is us.

Career prospects: work that is personal work, external work, internal work, employees work, independent work, all kinds of jobs, there will be a job, there is a successful job in the harvesting of the fruit, in the job, clearly fulfilled, what is the jam will continue There will be auspicious things to happen From now on Will be stable from what has There will be good things that have arisen from the former that have had problems before.

Aries (from April 13-May 13)

General Horoscope: Business for a start Whatever the problem is, it has to end to the beginning. New goals achieved It has to be things There is an angle that turns out to be positive, ending to beginning, but having to go through a new process that is at the boundary of time. As well Be in a point where you have to make many decisions, have to be brave, have to be decisive, start in decisiveness Dare to change Not with the original Dare to change Must agree to meet halfway. These things are against the sovereign world. But it is the preservation of cultural traditions Continue to be an organization Is the perfect turning point to find the perfect context Therefore, anything that is pounding will reduce the power of lightness.

For Aries, who does it wrong, then hides it under the rug. You do something that is illegal, so what are you going to have to do? Unjust For anyone who sells online, let’s get started. Aries people from 28 December onwards think it will be very good, will be stable, I am not worried about the city. Everything will pass

Taurus (14 May-13 June)

General luck: things that you think, what you decide, have mistakes. Must fix and be a problem Rahu Rattapakkhana, causing the turning point of life But now Jupiter is dead to its horoscope until November 14, it will orbit to find a good point.

The condition we encounter right now is Taurus’s inextricable condition. Difficult decision So during this time, before November to do anything, consult an adult. To be a participant in making decisions If you go to the doctor, you have to find several people. If you are going to do anything, what decisions will be made now? Don’t just because it may make mistakes. There is an error in thinking about making a decision for yourself. Therefore, after 14 November, Taurus horoscope opens up brightly. Causes and disasters will pass as glory and prosperity. The problem will be resolved, it will change for the better.

Money Horoscope: There is an opportunity to earn money, but there are expenses waiting. Got to pay, but just ask for it. You don’t have to worry about it. Life has got to be wasted.

Love horoscope: The story of love and family looks as it is. Love is goodbye to oneself People who love can still support each other, but themselves still have problems. To maintain calm, calm thoughts, must think around Be careful not to underestimate the breath. The crescent of red medicine is cut, it cannot be careless. All errors, damage, danger

Gemini (14 June – 14 July)

General Horoscope: It will reach the destiny that Twins will face. Which groups of people need to be especially careful Is someone who is not grateful to their parents, teachers, is a bad person, harming their parents, not creating merit, creating charity or creating merit, but having a crude sin Or doing something illegal After this, definitely nemesis. But if anyone is not in the said element after this, no matter what event It will fall in the water and not be lost, after which the person born of Twins must not be careless. Do something carefully To think good, do good, and find sacred objects to carry with you

Horoscope: Thinking of making or investing anything to sustain for about 1 year.

Cancer (Between 15 July-16 August)

General luck: Anyone who is sick will get well. Anyone who does not have fortune will have luck, problems and obstacles will pass. Now the burden of Cancer people will still have, whether it is home repair, car repair, not perfect. Perfectly What is not going to get everything you want.

Leo (Between August 17-September 16)

General luck: Before November 14, what will you do? Hurry to do anything, apply for jobs, contact documents, negotiate trading, must be closed before November 14, because after the 14th will be difficult.

After November 14, what will happen is Thinking and speaking will have obstacles. Because if you don’t want it to have, we have to do it first. Start it first Negotiate before finishing it before 14 November.

Two bad, but it may or may not affect Meaning that Ari’s keep it in its place like that
Children and family will have problems. It means that Leo people who have children and their subordinates must talk in the rules, terms and conditions what and how. As in the past, there might not be a problem. But from now on, if you will make anything to be presented to see first And we advise you as you and the master, therefore 1 year from now, so be careful not to be careless. Divination has to rely on holy things.

Health matters: sickness pictures From now on, if he gets sick or hurts something for a year, it follows his luck. We also check and treat the body according to the symptoms.

Virgo (Between September 17-October 16)

General: Your horoscope is healthy, and after November 14 it will be even better. Will have a chance to have luck and have fortune Before this, there was a reason to be discouraged and discouraged. In the past, Virgo people were bored, frustrated, frustrated, forgotten, mistaken, misunderstood. As a result, Virgo stumbles, falls and stumbles. Therefore, Virgo is now clearly visible that the star of the year has moved forward since October 22. Virgo became powerful. Virgo has an air like this and it creates a desire for the mundane. Want to eat over there Have a strange dream feeling Asleep in the nidra, it will feel that someone has come with us, there is a bustle, has strange symptoms.

Accident Story: Virgo at this time, an accident appears, but it is caused by someone else to cause us to have an accident, such as a cross.
There will be a startling accident from another person. But it is clear that after this, life will improve. Good sexual performance Therefore, people born in Virgo have the opportunity to earn money, their life will be good, something new and new, new projects, new projects. Apply for a job and get a job.

Libra (from October 17-November 15)

General horoscope: Libra, at this time the horoscope is going well. There is a reason to be separated from the loved one or the child has to be spoiled. Means project Means gambling If Libra goes to gamble right now, only losing the sword, having children, will be far away. Have the right to lose from missing items, be careful At this time is a vacuum. What will be difficult To move the house, move the mattress Don’t stay fixed It is a period of weakness, pain and pain that will be worn by people. What will you do as you wish? Not concentrating, not conscious, lack of energy, weak, discouraged many things, this November 14. There will be good things to wait for. But we are not ready yet Libra people will have a chance Libra people move to change the atmosphere, life will be good, November 18, horoscope better, listen to the flag.

Money Horoscope: There is a fairly heavy income and payment criteria. Get a lot, pay a lot Meaning that it has burden of expenses, has debt But still in a manageable state But the horoscope if there is a debt burden still possible

Scorpio (from November 16 to December 15)

General luck: Good things are weakening, but not to the point of being damaged. It means that people born Scorpio from now until November 14 have a chance to have a good fortune, wished for a glass, ring, silver, gold and money to be satisfied and outstanding. Collect treasure, objects, solve problems, manage various tasks Smoothly Life has changed since July, August and the past September. Changed then may be sad Changed and may be dawn Change and may fall But after November 1 to November 14, will begin to open the fortune to the light. The opportunity to have money has accumulated. Have the opportunity to get a new job, change life, clear from now on, listen to the flag

Sagittarius (from December 16 to January 15)

General Horoscope: There has been a turning point that started last year. There will be changes in this period until November 14. Whoever wants to quit, will change jobs, will start thinking what to do. Think about it here, because it is the beginning of a common destiny and a city on a change. If anyone thinks it is correct, it can be changed. It goes way better than it is. Therefore, if the archer asks whether to move the job well or not, move at all, change the job well or change it, because the archer is a good change point. Because if it doesn’t change like now what is going on, it’s time out. It is in a state where there is something to support and support it. At the end of the road, at the end of the way, must change in the way that is good

Financial Horoscope: From December 5 to approximately 2 years, it is the richest point in 30 years, meaning who was born in Sagittarius. You have the criteria to be rich with the original destiny. Not every rich bow. Because it has to go see the horoscope carefully Whether the ground has rich luck or not However Someone who has a wealth of fortune, sure, stable, has a house, who has a bad fortune. There is a good opportunity in finance. More than 2 years after December 5, decide

However, the prediction of the 12 zodiacs is specific to the month. And or there will be any changes in the round that Achan Lak has predicted, he has accepted, do not be careless and do not believe in the horoscope a hundred percent Do not forget that the consequences of fate Is our action

Writer: I came up with a horoscope.

Graphics: Varanya Phae-araya


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