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After Khaled Youssef's pornographic videos .. Has his career ended in Egypt? (Video)

There is no voice in Egypt over the sound of the pornographic video scandal, which is being held by the two Egyptian artists Mona Farouk and Shema El-Hajj, who admitted their marriage to the Egyptian director Khalid Youssef, and that it was one of the videos when they were charged.

The name of the famous filmmaker Khaled Youssef, in the case raised public opinion in Egypt, and also caused a state of controversy among the public in Egypt and the Arab countries.

The filmmaker is one of Egypt's leading filmmakers and has worked with a large number of stars. This prompted Ir Am News to ask producers and critics questions. Can producers contract with Khaled Youssef to see him as a director of one of the upcoming films after the series of successive scandals? Have pornographic films leaked on his career in Egypt?

The Egyptian critic Nader Adly confirmed that the future of Khaled Youssef will be affected if he returns to Egypt in the coming period, and this is normal, but what governs the effect of condemnation or not, especially since the issue is tangled and no one knows its end, pointing out that perhaps There is an example of this, the Egyptian director Sameh Abdel Aziz, who finally came out and will again perform works of art.

The Egyptian critic Magda Khairallah confirmed to Erm News that the future of Khaled Youssef will not be affected and will return to normal work, and he will not need producers to contract with him because he owns a production company.

The Egyptian producer Ahmed Al-Sabki said that he did not know how the issue affected the professional future of Khaled Youssef, stressing that he did not mind working with him in new films during the coming period.

Producer Safwat Ghattas hinted that the future of Khaled Youssef will be influenced by this issue, explaining that the production company he owns will not be able to produce all his works through it.

Omar Abdul Aziz, president of the Federation of Trade Unions in Egypt, said that things will go on in a professional manner in a normal way, especially as he owns his own production company. He pointed out that with the law there is no charge against him and he has parliamentary immunity.



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