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After learning that this woman is getting an abortion, Uber pilot stopped the car and left her in the middle of the road

On January 22 it was the 46th anniversary of the decision of the Supreme Court Roe. v. Wade, the ruling that legalized abortion in the United States, but as we get closer to half a century of this judicial decision on national states, laws have been passed to reverse the law. Ohio adopted a & # 39; heartbeat & # 39; bill in April that prohibits abortion six weeks after pregnancy and the third state after Kentucky and Mississippi.

Abortion has become a controversial, partial problem, and although not all states will amend their legislation that has not prevented people from doing things at an individual level to show their position. A reddit user has recently experienced how far some people are willing to express their opinion about the problem when they were abandoned by an Uber driver on the side of the road.

A Reddit user shared her traumatic ride to an abortion clinic where her driver left her on the road

Image credits: Josie Desmarais (not the actual photo)

Molesterstallone A 20-year-old student from the state of New York said she'd found out she was pregnant, but decided she & # 39; was not in a position to care for a child & # 39 ;. The only clinic that was available before the following day The week was far from campus, so she called an uber and went looking for what would be a very traumatic journey.

Before the destination, she had written the name of the doctor and his clinic, but for some reason the driver had suspicions. He asked if she went to Planned Parenthood (which she wasn't) but he wasn't satisfied and went on.

He then told her his own experience with his wife and how she "would regret the rest of your life." She was dumbfounded but kept calm while the ride continued.

Suddenly the driver drove up to him and said, "I'm sorry, but I can't take you the rest of the way." The student panicked when they were in the middle of nowhere farmland and no other Ubers for miles.

Finally she got control over her friend who contacted the clinic to explain and pick her up.

People in the comments were supportive and the driver filled her with horror in that situation


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