Home Entertainment After Love Off: Bachelorette Nadine shocked by rumors

After Love Off: Bachelorette Nadine shocked by rumors

She has the faxes thick! The Bachelorette couple Nadine Klein (33) and Alexander Hindersmann (30) surprisingly announced his breakup on Thursday with almost identical wording. Unlike Nadine, Alex wrote in his social media statement that there was no longer enough basis for a relationship. Some ex-candidates from the show subordinated the two then a fake love story. The 30-year-old is tired of such talk now! For the first time since the end of the love affair, the Berlin woman spoke in her Instagram story – and that, although she originally intended to say nothing more about the separation. "Unfortunately, so many untruths are being spread from some directions that I do not want to take it anymore, and exactly what happened between us is exactly what two people know: Alex and me," the 33-year-old wrote. Out of respect for each other, however, both would not want to talk about the exact reasons. Their community urged Nadine to refrain from assumptions and speculations in the future: "For us, the situation is already hard enough . " Her ex was also outraged by the reactions of the fans.AEDT / WENN.comAlexander Hindersmann and Nadine Klein at the Tribute to BambiDisplayInstagram / alexander_hindersmannAlexander HindersmannAnzeigeP. Hoffmann / WENN.comNadine Klein at the premiere of "Klassentreffen 1.0" AdvertisementSubmitresults
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